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  1. LOL Millenial took stills of us back at BTS and they wouldn't even send them over for Pro league.
  2. Hey guys I hosted an Episode of TALKING HALO over on my twitch. Check out the rebroadcast Twitch.tv/Mashlan_ Recap Predictions from the show today DAY 1 SPY>RN NAV>EG OG>LG TL>NV DAY 2 NV>NAV OG>SPY TL>RN EG>LG #HCS #Predictions
  3. TOP 26 POSSIBLE OUTCOMES OF FROM THE OPEN CIRCUIT PRIZE-POOL. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nT5--n06k4xUZZIzOKcf3gCgEr8_LURQan_uTPkshjs/pubhtml?gid=1191178315&single=true
  4. LG had a scrimmage last night with a different roster, RN stayed the same from what they announced. Our team isn't making any changes. LG/TL/RN only teams to make confirmed/not announced changes.
  5. Lol they did not Win 10-3 Not sure what series you were watching. 7-6 my dude.
  6. Rostermania continues to develop Roster lock (Pre Season) - August 20, 2017 at 11:59:59PM PST
  7. Hello Forums! Rostermania has begun. Expect other changes to other rosters. (not us)
  8. Legendary cup June 24th-25th ($2k) Beyond the sticks July 1st-2nd Legendary cup July 8th-9th ($5k) Atria $4004 tournament July 16th ($4k) DreamHack Atlanta ($200k) Then add in all the streams people have. And some 343 Prediction shows for DreamHack. Its a good month for AM's to gain exposure and a good month for Pro's to rest up. Plenty of Halo to watch and plenty of Halo to participate in.
  9. Dont want to make this post to long but lets run down the list: 1)Dispatch Should not be removed. A little tweaking is necessary as far as the double sniper go. I agree putting OS on green/yellow sticks and Sniper opposite will work fantastically with the new understanding that running flag bottom middle is a god strategy. 2)Station 9 Should never be under consideration for removal. The map plays amazingly and i believe that out of all the maps, pushing alone or trying to make the plays on your own, is punished the worst on this map. You need to stay alive, you need to move with smarts and you need teamwork. I also believe that this map is where alot of excitement happens as for as people being clutch because one wrong move can lose you the game. 3)Ricochet This gametype is being rushed into the scene due to the support of developers. It is a fun and interesting gametype and can have its own competitive scene just like Griffball does but I do not thing it belongs on this Competitive Circuit. I am with Munoz on this one, I will sell my soul for this not to be in V5.
  10. "Welcome to the first day of Gamescom 2013!" blared out over the venue as ealier this morning Gamescom 2013 kicked of day 1. The event is being held in Colone, Germany, and we are going to be getting you all of the latest news from the day. Gamescom is easily the biggest gaming conference in Europe, with developers from all over the world coming to make their announcements and releases. There will be three companies making announcements today and they have spent all morning busy hyping up their conferences. Microsoft is up first and this is the Xbox showcase where you can expect exclusive updates about the Xbox One and the Xbox 360. Microsoft's showcase is not your traditional press conference - but a new, interactive event. Microsoft Studio's corporate vice-president, Phil Spencer, told us in earlier announcements: "We're going to have a really short stage presentation with some news, talking about some unique exclusive coming to the platform. We're going to talk about Europe's biggest franchise and maybe some interesting things." But, he said that the bulk of their conference would be letting the lucky journalists getting their hands on the games and game consoles themselves. "We have some stuff," he said, "but most of the time will be spent with the press getting time with the developers, with their games...We Think that these platforms are about the games, and we want to give the press time with the games. One of the first announcements at the conference was the tie-up between FIFE 14 and the Xbox One. This means that European gamers will be able to buy both the Xbox One and FIFE 14 in a cheaper bundle - just £429.99. This is the same price as the Xbox One unit without the game, giving gamers a game worth £54.99 for free. FIFE 14 will be coming to the Xbox 360 in September, and the Xbox One later. What we can assume Microsoft is attempting to is make Xbox One appear a better value, as the ASS is currently £80 cheaper. The showcase went on to announce the "Ultimate Team" feature included in the the FIFE game, by simple saying, "Yesterday's heroes are today's legends." This Ultimate Teams option will only be available on Xbox, overtaking PC and PlayStation in the FIFE race. Football fans are getting very excited about being able to play as old sporting legends - FIFE 14 should be a big hit and provide a much-needed boost to Xbox One. After mentioning the FIFE bundle there was a quick mention of a future Call Of Duty bundle as well.There will be a Xbox One/Call of Duty bundle in the future. The showcase made 3 quick pinpoints for the CoD Bundle: Call of Duty comes as a Full Game Download in the box, rather than being a disc. New multiplayer mode called Blitz coming to Call of Duty. Xbox Live Cloud coming to new Call of Duty, meaning dedicated servers for Xbox One players. More trailers were shown for games that were announced back at E3. Another trailer has just been released for Ryse Son of Rome, but this time it's in Gladiator mode. The video shows a multiplayer mode where you have to rack explosive kills to keep a booing audience entertained. You team up to enter an arena and slaughter enemies in order to fill an audience entertainment meter. In the trailer we see it go from "bored" to "amused" to "entertained". A new video explaining the science behind the new Kinect Sport game has been released. Kinect Sport Rivals has a new feature that puts you in to the game; Kinect makes a digital you. With the new Kinect sensor, it will scan you in and make a new digital recreation of you, with hair and skin tone, etc. With the CoD and FIFE announcements, XBOX One seems on a real roll for developers and gamers alike. One of the more popular feature's of Xbox Live, is the ability to buy and play games right off the dashboard, main titles aren't the only games you can buy though. Millions of gamers enjoy smaller games from independent developers, most recently Minecraft reached a milestone is sales, which is a game offered on the dashboard. Looking forward for smaller developers Microsoft has announced "Xbox One is empowering independent developers - large and small – through a new self-publishing programmer..." Called [email protected], this is a new program that will target, support and showcase independent developers on the Xbox One platform. All registered developers will be given two free Xbox One development kits, full access to platform staples such as Kinect compatibility, and the entire Xbox Live tools including: Xbox SmartGlass, multiplayer support, Achievements and Gamerscore. Microsoft said: “Longer term, our plan is to enable any Xbox One console to be used as a development kit for self-publishing purposes. This means that any hobbyist with a great game idea can make it come to life on Xbox One." Xbox chief product officer Marc Whitten wrote: “Xbox One was built from the ground up to be a great platform for developers of any size to create and share their ideas with the world. Alright so just a quick, recap of the XBOX Showcase: FIFE 14 has a new mode, where you can play with the "sporting legends of yesterday", exclusively on Xbox. On top of this, when you pre order an Xbox One, you get the game thrown in for FREE. A huge list of games, both big and small, have been released for Xbox One. Highlights include Fable, Ryse and Dead Rising 3. Call of Duty: Ghosts has a new multiplayer option, as well as dedicated Cloud servers for Xbox One players. Once the game is released there will be a bundle with Xbox One consoles. Ubisoft has announced their first Kinect fighter game: The Fighter Within. Division has some revolutionary new multi-platform gameplay technology, where you can play on any platform in real time. Below are the list of games coming to XBOX ONE: Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag (Ubisoft, Ubisoft) Battlefield 4 (DICE, Electronic Arts) Call of Duty: Ghosts (Infinity Ward, Activision) Crimson Dragon (Grounding/Land Ho!, Microsoft Studios) Dead Rising 3 (Capcom Vancouver, Microsoft) FIFA 14 (EA Sports, Electronic Arts) Fighter Within (AMA Ltd., Ubisoft) Forza Motorsport 5 (Turn 10 Studios, Microsoft Studios) Just Dance 2014 (Ubisoft Paris, Ubisoft) Killer Instinct (Double Helix, Microsoft Studios) LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (TT Games, Warner Bros. Interactive) Lococycle (Twisted Pixel, Microsoft Studios) Madden NFL 25 (EA Sports, Electronic Arts) NBA 2K14 (Visual Concepts, 2K Sports) NBA LIVE 14 (EA Sports, Electronic Arts) Need for Speed: Rivals (Ghost Games, Electronic Arts) Peggle 2 (Popcap, Electronic Arts) Powerstar Golf (Zoe Mode, Microsoft Studios) Ryse: Son of Rome (Crytek, Microsoft Studios) Skylanders: Swap Force (Vicarious Visions, Activision) Watch Dogs (Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft) Zoo Tycoon (Frontier Developments Ltd., Microsoft Studios) Zumba Fitness: World Party (Zoë Mode, Majesco) If you were waiting on the EA showcase to begin you may have run across a poor employee who was dressed in zombie outfit. I almost feel sad for the poor employee who lingered around the lobby wearing the zombie outfit to promote new iOS game Plants vs Zombies 2. Obviously they forgot eyeholes in his costume because when he tried to sit down in a chair at the media reception desk he spectacularly stacked it instead. Zombies 0, Chairs 1. The lights have been dimmed, the volume’s been cranked… and we’re off. OH man is it loud, power chords having taken their rightful place above dubstep in the game footage montage soundtrack pecking order. Peter Moore’s back - this time without the casual racial stereotyping. He “couldn't be more excited about what we’re about to see”. Which is nice. First up we SIMS 4! Hooray says… absolutely nobody. Actually, that’s not fair, 30 million people play EA’s all-conquering social sim series. It’s just that I’m not one of them. There wasn't much to really say about SIMS 4, but the Executive VP talked about how You can now affect the Mind, Body and Heart of the Sims. This allows for more in dept actions and character building. It also allows for more realistic gameplay in the world of Sims. Moving forward.....Booms! Explosions! Is this Battlefield 4… Oh, no, it’s Real Time Strategy Command A Conquer. Another franchise big in Germany. The presentation starts off with a very captivating trailer and then moves to 2 Germans going head to head on the mainstage. Now this last for a few minutes and looks spectacular although not many people actually knew WHAT was going on.If you ever wondered why e-sports aren’t broadcast live on primetimes TV, that’s your reason. There was little said about the game but there wasn't much needed said. The game looked good and I think the fans agreed. Following this we see Dragon Age Inquisition, RPG experts Bioware’s first next gen game - and it’s powered by DICE’s Frostbyte 3 engine (that also makes Battlefield look awesome. The developer talking heads promised a MASSIVE open world, immersing storyline and complete freedom of choice. There’s a disappointing proportion of concept art to actual graphics, but the socio-political detail sounds superb. Frankly, book a month off in fall 2014 (autumn for more civilized folk) when this comes out. PopCap time now, which is the mobile gaming company EA spent a gazillion dollars on recently. Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare producer Brian Lindley takes the stage, and immediately gets bonus points for having AC/DC as his walk-on music. The footage from the new game looks like a departure to say the least - and not just because you can play as zombies. Presumably it’s a cinematic, but there’s a lot more combat than we remember… Anyway, it’s coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360 first next Spring. Oh, and Xbox One will get an exclusive Zombox mode, in which you play the slightly hammy Professor Zomboss. Looks like there will be SmartGlass-powered asymmetric gameplay too. And finally from PopCap, gameplay footage from Peggle 2 the follow up to the brilliant breakout mash-up. Although, frankly, it looks pretty much like Peggle 1 to me. Good news for people who like to watch muscular, nearly naked grown men grappling with each other in an eight-sided ring: it’s UFC. EA Sports have their big guns in Canada working on UFC and it’s running on the awesome next-gen Ignite engine that also powers FIFA 14. The pre-alpha footage shown does look mightily impressive. Apparently they’ve even digitized the fighters’ cauliflower ears. If the next gen of gaming achieves nothing more than that, it will still have been worthwhile. The game’s due out in Spring 2014 for Xbox One and PS4. Need For Speed: The Rivals up next. At the E3 event in LA they wheeled out Jesse from Breaking Bad who’s in the new Need For Speed movie. Here we get… the game’s producer. He shows off the new career modes and progression, shamelessly playing to German gallery by wheeling out a Porsche. No sign of any towels on the passenger seat though. The footage looks phenomenal. But then all driving games look phenomenal. Grand Turismo 6 looks phenomenal and that’s running on a PS3. And a bit of car porn for the petrolheads to finish: the return of the Ferrari Spider. Not really sure what we learned about the actual game there, but this new Undercover Car demo certainly puts Police! Camera! Action! to shame. IT’S TITANFALL TIME! If the thought of running around blowing stuff up inside a giant robot doesn’t rock your world then I don’t think we can be friends. The way the gameplay balances massive robots and free-running soldiers is what looks most exciting. Although the graphics on this new Angel City map don’t look quite as impressive as those on the map shown at E3. They’re still impressive and all, but not as impressive. Which suggest the E3 build might have been running on a next gen spec PC, and that was actual next gen console footage. Either way, it still looks amazing. EA are on a roll here: FIFA 14 up next. And good news, FIFA on mobile will be free to play next year. Enter David Rutter who has announced the demo will be available from September 10th. Even better: the Brazilian national team are finally in the game! Lots of new details, but glad to hear they’ve expanded the dynamically updated MatchDay mode. Even better: your career will carry over from current gen to next gen versions of FIFA 14. The most anticipated game of EA's showcase, Battlefield 4, up next. Big news: you can play the Siege of Shanghai map when the BF4 beta launches in October. Developers DICE are proudly talked up Levolution, which initially seems like a stupid name for such an important feature to me, but environmental interaction has always set the BF series apart, so anything that amplifies that is alright by me. The producer says: “The Battlefield takes on a life of it’s own and with Levolution, no two games are ever the same”. Now on to a new mode: Obliteration (“destroy the enemy targets before they destroy yours”). Sounds good and all, but nothing BF has ever done - or any other game, for that matter - will ever be better than Rush, surely the greatest online multiplayer shooter mode ever made. If those environments play out as dynamically as DICE promise, it could make a serious dent in COD’s online dominance. And that’s it for EA. After a slow-ish start, EA really picked up some momentum. Titanfall, FIFA 14 and BF4 will take some beating in their respective fields. The Sony showcase must of kicked on in what must be one of the lowest key introductions ever seen at a games show, a lone man stood on stage randomly playing Contrast, what appears to be (judging from the blue bar on his controller) a previously unannounced PS4 game. Obviously we know nothing about it, but it has a noir-ish feel and seems to feature an intriguing game mechanic where your central character can transform herself into a silhouette depending on the positioning of light sources. After some weird disembodied voices (did the accompanying video not work or something?) Jim Ryan takes to the stage to start proceedings properly, and proceedings start with… Gran Turismo 6. A PS3 game. It’s been said before, but arguably bears the re-telling: GT6 looks stunning. Next-gen stunning. I love how Polyphony Digital have put that much visual fidelity over supposedly obsolete hardware. Of course, that also begs the question: just what will they be able to do with the PS4? And Jim just slipped in the GT6 release date: December 6. Oh, and they’re making a movie as well. Ooh - there’s a new, exclusive GTA V PS3 bundle coming out. On top of that, if you buy GTA V, you get 75% off any other Rockstar title. This is good news for the handful of people considering buying a PS3 with the PS4 just around the corner. Also people who buy PS3 versions of COD Ghosts, BF4, Watch Dogs and ACIV will get a heavy discount on the PS4 versions for a limited period. Which makes a lot of sense. Both for the consumer, and also to safeguard the sales of those games on current gen consoles. We’re still firmly in Vita land, with a first look at Ovosonico’ Murasaki Baby. First impressions are Limbo adapted by Tim Burton, with a ton of touchscreen functionality. The indie crowd will love it, but it’s not going to shift units. Next up: Bigfest, which allows you to put on a fictional festival with real bands. Let’s hope it’s nothing like the real world, oh the egos and hard headedness will surely play a factor. Oh, and it’s free to play too. The Vita is an excellent piece of kit, and allows for exponentially better playing experiences than your mobile phone does. If you like gaming, you’ll like the Vita. Shahid Ahmad takes the stage to talk up the PS4’s commitment to indie developers now. There is clearly a great connection between the games that the mass market buys in their millions (COD, Battlefield etc), and games like Hotline Miami and Rogue Legacy which are beloved of hardcore gamers. And Sony are spending an awful lot of time pandering to the latter market. Clearly indie games are a good thing. But Sony aren’t going to shift the numbers of PS4s they need to shift by bigging up games mass market gamers think they could probably play on their smartphones. An unannounced Naughty Dog PS4 title? That’s the kind of thing that will shift consoles. If Sony wheeled out a next-gen Nathan Drake they’d be taking pre-orders from now until 2015. Instead, we get The Chinese Room’s Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture. The teaser trailer’s not giving much away, but it’s another post-apocalyptic mood piece that aesthetically at least, is very much in the world of the Last of Us. Tequila Works’ Rime looks completely different but equally stunning. Again, few clues to gameplay. Next up: Infamous Second Son Sucker Punch have released a series of trailers for Second Son all year but there’s been frustratingly few glimpses of the actual gameplay. I’m a sucker for Superpower games - Crackdown, Saints Row IV, the previous Infamouses… hell I even liked Prototype 2 - so it would be nice to see what sets this one apart as opposed to some gorgeous cinematic . Following this we have Assassin’s Creed 4’s remote play functionality. Essentially this replicates the Wii U’s remote play facility but using a Vita connected over wi-fi. The demo switched seamlessly to the Vita. It’s hard to tell the graphical fidelity and controller lag from the filmed footage on the big screen, but it’s still an amazing feature. And every PS4 game can be played like that. Minecraft is coming to PS4 - which is good news, clearly. And there’s a new ‘next-gen MMO’ WWII game called War Thunder. It’s a terrible name, and nobody really likes WWII games, but the announcement still gets a small but committed cheer. Andrew House Now takes the stage. Andrew House building up for the real hard sell on the PS4 now. Surely he’s building up to the big release date reveal… he reveals there have already been 1million pre-orders. WHAT ABOUT THE RELEASE DATE, ANDY? North America on November 15, Europe on November 29. HUZZAH!
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