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  1. but that is precisely what some of them have done. how many of the pros have legit prospects outside of this game? not a dig, but a serious question. MS/343 don't owe them a living because of their decisions. plus caring for the scene is acting in their self interest. if they only care about the quick buck and riding off into the sunset then it will damage the scene and them. sort of like acting in the social interest is acting in self interest theory of economics.
  2. plus where is it written that because someone has decided to make a living off playing a potentially dead game, is now owed a paycheck?
  3. but the distribution...lmao. it's funny that of all the things to complain about with regards to halo 5/343, the pros complain about the lack of top heavy distribution, rather than say, the low quality gameplay, low viewership, bad releases, bad decisions, lack of classic halo feel, lack of playable maps etc. show you that their priorities are not the well being of the scene, but of their wallets.
  4. well done. but i guess he's predictable at this point, as his personality hasn't had any real growth since he was 14.
  5. you moaned about the prize distribution not being top heavy enough which implies you think you are owed more for playing this game than the people running the show do. that coupled with low viewership and interest in halo 5, as well as your obviously uncaring mentality with regards to ams is why I paraphrased you. plus it's been your whole act for years to be the sarcastic douchebag
  6. so you honestly think the pros spend more time than other people playing this game? just because their better does not mean their work ethic is any better. they should be rewarded of course for placing higher, but the idea that all other competitors low placing = lack of effort = no reward is quite silly.
  7. inflation means that it costs much more now to attend events. low wages added to this don't help either. i get your point, but this is not an issue that should be of any concern to a contracted professional who is salaried and has travel/hotel costs covered. it's petty, and frankly not the biggest problem right now.
  8. you clearly are. "we deserve more money to play this dead game that no one watches and the AMs can suck it ahahah my name is TJ and i'm cool cause i act like a douche on purpose lol" unbelievable.
  9. "no you are" case in point. 14 year old. grow up please, stop being so narrow minded, greedy, selfish, and get a little perspective.
  10. log off now, you're just embarrassing yourself. honestly can't get my head around how petty and insecure you are. for the biggest troll in this scene you cannot take a single ounce of criticism well. you're wrong on this one, like a lot of other things. hopefully one day we'll see this much defensiveness for a legit concern, like maybe, Halo being a good game again?
  11. see you act like some sort of edgy internet intellectual, but i know for a fact you failed in high school so badly you will never even get accepted into college. your whole personality is literally a 14 year old who never grew up. you'd think winning all that money playing a terrible game would have made you less bitter but alas that's not the case
  12. so apg getting a little extra money is the right thing "for once", but all the shitty mechanics, bad releases, terrible settings and general bad decisions get a free pass? you're so full of shit TJ
  13. nah it's more like a no lifer just complaining 'cause he developed a trash personality out of necessity because there was literally nothing else going for him. spent years on the low end of the better halos, makes bank playing the worst of them and still sticks to the old shtick of being an absolute asshat because some people find it endearing
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