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  1. Around 2200 atm in arena usually play solo .need a solid team to be on. Good overall team player Mssg me on xbl Ha sarcasm
  2. Looking to get together and compete. Were a team of 3 and need one more. Gt is Ha Sarcasm
  3. Im a good player tired of trying to form a team with people who are not interested. This season i got up to 2068 in arena solo and you know how that goes with randoms. They either quit or you have to carry them hard. I really like this game but im losing motivation fast without a team. I would say im a good overall player, really good with the sniper. Sniping since h2, i have been playing halo since CE. I hit H3 the hardest. Spent everyday playing that game so i have alot of experience with this franchise. Looking for a team to commit to. If you want to try me out here is my GT. Ha Sarcasm

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