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  1. Yes it is the date of processing (first game timestamp) but I am aware it might get a little confusing for you guys sometimes as the server (+database) timezone used is actually CET+1 / UTC+2.
  2. Cant rule it out that they already played their match yesterday, there was one in the first week as well surprisingly where no info was given - but then they probably just scrimmed. Wont be around for the matches today but will check when i get back later on.
  3. Thanks for the tag. Yes there is no way to find the game with new names. Luckily i have a day off tomorrow so i´ll probably be around. As for the other weeks maybe i can find someone of you guys to eventually correct it As it is already 11pm here right now i cannot watch it live most of the times unfortunately.
  4. I don´t know much about the challenger league so far, format etc. Generally the most work would be to get the gamertags involved and keep it up to date to actually find all the games but it could be run with the same system already in use.
  5. Take a look here, i had a pretty productive weekend (girlfriend does not agree) and pushed an update just about an hour ago where i try to make it work for Pro League. http://halo5arena.com/proleague/na EU is also available there. I build on the tracker to make up these pages, the idea is to have it update for every game (all views synced) but i will need help to actually find all the EU games (as i dont count on beeing available to manipulate) but at least it should be a nice place to get a good overview and some stats. (if i cant match a game in real time i will add it later at some time anyway). As for the tracker, it should work really fast during set times but i dont guarentee for anything Take a look at the "Preview/Prev" Tab on the page to get actual data. Also, todays games might show up there later. Not sure i have time to look at the EU scrims before Pro League. But i tried to make it good for mobile use! Oh and no EU Logos so far :/ And a total of 112 series is wrong for EU i admit.
  6. Does include Railgun stats now @@Snip3down @@Stelfair
  7. Alright, got every series from this tournament now. Will make it available probably early tomorrow as it needs a web publish, otherwise i can only screencap them
  8. Unfortunately it´s not possible at the moment. Another one on my todo list.. Can search back the last 50 custom games to find games in common for two players, maybe i can help you this way but might be too late if a game is not within the last 50 custom games. For anything else i will have to take a closer look, just a bit busy at work today.
  9. Hey, 7:6 is correct yes. Assault is not recognized as a valid gametype for the tracker at this point. I see Stasis is also showing up as "undefined" in the run of play. I will have a look at some optimizations for the tracker in the following week. As i recognized a single red mark in the overall team stats yesterday for CLG on Strongholds being 5-3 in favor of E6 here is the updated one Full stats: http://halo5arena.com/teamstats Added a filter recently for last 7 days / 14 days as well if you want to check that out (urls just point to selection on above page): http://halo5arena.com/teamstats/last7days http://halo5arena.com/teamstats/last14days
  10. Overview & Stats from Loser Bracket Finals: Group A / Clown Fiesta vs Insert Org Here 4:3 http://halo5arena.com/matchup/1202 Group B / Team eLevate vs Twisted Fate 4:0 http://halo5arena.com/matchup/1204 Group C / Catastrophe vs Soul Red 4:2 http://halo5arena.com/matchup/1203 Group D / Crowd Control vs Pnda Gaming 4:3 http://halo5arena.com/matchup/1201
  11. Results & Stats overview Winner Bracket Finals: Group A / Team Liquid vs Insert Org Here 4:1 http://halo5arena.com/matchup/1196 Group B / OpTic Gaming vs Team eLevate 4:3 http://halo5arena.com/matchup/1198 Group C / French Toast Mafia vs Soul Red 4:2 http://halo5arena.com/matchup/1197 Group D / Str8 Rippin vs Crowd Control 4:0 http://halo5arena.com/matchup/1194 edit: Str8 Rippin series ended 4:0, first game got replayed.
  12. There are actually 8 now But if it makes you feel a little better it was a tough one for me too with all these gamertag changes. I think i restarted the service at least 3 times before i figured it is MuNoZ instead of MvNoZ now.. Here are the matchups i could find with according stat links, might be even more, just let me know! Will probably see a few more gamertags as well tonight. CLG vs Liquid 13:1 http://halo5arena.com/matchup/1076 Allegiance vs Catastrophe 8:2 http://halo5arena.com/matchup/1094 NV vs Renegades 4:9 http://halo5arena.com/matchup/1095 Clown Fiesta vs eLevate 2:11 http://halo5arena.com/matchup/1100 Twisted Fate vs Str8 Rippin 10:0 http://halo5arena.com/matchup/1108 French Toast Mafia vs Str8 Rippin 11:2 http://halo5arena.com/matchup/1110 Twisted Fate vs Soul Red 1:4 http://halo5arena.com/matchup/1113 Str8 Rippin vs Soul Red 1:4 http://halo5arena.com/matchup/1114
  13. Cumulated Scrim Results with stats: Enigma6 vs EnVyUs 7:6 http://halo5arena.com/matchup/997 EG vs CLG 1:11 http://halo5arena.com/matchup/1000 Renegades vs Team Liquid 8:5 http://halo5arena.com/matchup/1009 Also, OpTic vs Aries cAries, C Hysteria 9, skhCloud, Tire Ironic Thanks @@Moses_FPS for sharing that Liquid game.
  14. Hey, it was screwed somehow. Seems like Danoxide changed Gamertag at some point and the API did response with different tags for the games which lead to the weird result. I did reprocess the matchup now: Renegades vs Elevate 6:7 http://halo5arena.com/matchup/994 Thanks @Moses_FPS for the info!
  15. Glad you like it and thanks! Unfortunately the damage data is not given for the eventdetails so its not possible to draw an accurate damage axis there. I´m also missing the Strongholds score info which i wish to be accessible via the API to show how these matches went down as slaying stats dont tell the story here. Guess there is a chance of recreating the score over time as stronghold events are available but i´m not sure how accurate this can be. But for CTF i tried to get the info into the graph, at least the flag captures. Here is the last game of EG vs EnVyUs (CTF Truth) from last scrim: http://halo5arena.com/match/fe82391b-5f41-4a4a-a785-a965ce6ef067?custom=1 I guess most people dont care about the kill feed at all but when you can pick parts to lookup details i guess it can be pretty interesting. Personally i like the stat for Assisted Deaths to know if you died to multiple often. If you have not seen enough stats from the online qualifier i put a view over the teamstats content where you can see total player stats and team details with scores just for the tourney: http://halo5arena.com/teamstats?view=online_invitational_qualifier here you can find the overall teamstats for matchup results after 11th of April: http://halo5arena.com/teamstats While i dont have damage stats during the match i did collect them for mm playlists for some time now on the page (agression stat dmg/min and dmg/death). You can find the top 20 leaderboards for each stat and playlist for the last season on the frontpage on the right side (only for players i tracked). I guess you will recognize a few names but obviously favors smurfs
  16. Hey guys, i updated my page today with new features for the match results page as well as adding newly formed teams to track again. I guess i got all of them for the tourney today so they should show up on http://halo5arena.com (total matchup stats will be a little delayed) Here are the results with stats for first round matchups: Be sure to also checkout the updated results page which i worked on some time, here is game 5 for eLevate vs Soul Red for example: http://halo5arena.com/match/54b3b160-cfdd-474e-ba4f-087df6aa61ec?custom=1
  17. Matchup Results: Allegiance vs Renegades 5:8 http://halo5arena.com/matchup/814 CLG vs Liquid 12:1 http://halo5arena.com/matchup/816 Single pick game progression of CLG vs Liquid / Game 2 (Slayer, Plaza): Please share match results with me containing players on newly confirmed teams, i´m a little confused
  18. Had to reprocess this one as the order of the matches did not show up correctly (thanks @Kables) New one is up here: http://halo5arena.com/matchup/805
  19. Matchups involving confirmed teams: CLG vs Team Liquid 6:1 http://halo5arena.com/matchup/787 OpTic Gaming vs Team Liquid 6:7 http://halo5arena.com/matchup/794 Enigma6 vs Renegades 5:8 http://halo5arena.com/matchup/805 Matchups involving unconfirmed teams: OpTic Gaming vs (C Hysteria 9, Liquid Heinz, skhCloud, The 2gre) 6:1 OpTic Gaming vs (Denial) (artnoC gniK, eLevate G00FY, PreDevoNatoR, RyaNoob Nerds) 4:4 If you know of more matchups played (with at least one fixed team) just let me know.
  20. Matchup with confirmed teams: Evil Geniuses vs Team Liquid 8:5 http://halo5arena.com/matchup/786 Matchups involving unconfirmed teams: Renegades vs (eLevate) (Nem, eLevateStr8SicK, Liquid Heinz, Swift Kill) 11:2 OpTic Gaming vs (Aries cAries, OpTic Randa, skhCloud, Tire Ironic) 5:5 NV vs (Denial) (artnoC gniK, eLevate G00FY, PreDevoNatoR, RyaNoob Nerds) 5:8
  21. Unfortunately i could not finish this feature for public use yet but i looked up a few more matchups locally. Not able to publish a new version right now to show it on the page (and i dont want to run it through the set system) so i´ll just attach a few screens for the main overview: (Denial) Denial ContrA, eLevate G00FY, PreDevoNatoR, RyaNoob Nerds) vs (Elevate) Assault x2, eLevate Nem, eLevateStr8SicK, Swift Kill 7:6 NV vs (Elevate) Assault x2, eLevate Nem, eLevateStr8SicK, Swift Kill) 7:4 Optic vs (skhCloud, C9 Danoxide, OpTic Randa, The 2gre) 8:5 Just let me know if you would like to see details or if there are more matchups to check.
  22. Thanks again @@Moses_FPS for the alternative gamertags. Series stats for Renegades vs Liquid ( 7 - 6 ) added: http://halo5arena.com/matchup/777
  23. Thanks @@Moses_FPS for letting me know about the gamertag change. Here are the compiled stats for CLG vs Liquid 10-3: http://halo5arena.com/matchup/759
  24. Hey guys, the matchup tracker is back on halo5arena.com. Teams included so far: EG, CLG, EnVyUs, Liquid (unconfirmed?), OpTic, Renegades (unconfirmed?), Enigma6. Here are the reports so far with total stats, these should already contain added objective totals (if mode selected): Enigma6 vs Evil Geniuses 1:5 - link to report EnVyUs vs Liquid 10:3 - link to report Enigma6 vs Liquid 6:7 - link to report Optic vs CLG 0:3 - link to report Renegades vs OpTic 1:1 - link to report EnVyUs vs OpTic 4:2 - link to report Evil Geniuses vs EnVyUs 8:5 - link to report Team EnVyUs vs CLG 1:15 - link to report The tracker is sensitive to Gamertag changes. If you know a matchup is running and not showing up i appreciate if you let me know, unforunately i´m mostly sleeping at that time :/ Also let me know about teams i should already add. I´m also working on some features on the match results page which i think will add good value (no heatmaps yet though) but i think will take some more time.
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