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  1. While playing Halo 3 I noticed I go red bar alot ! More often than ever before. I recently just got a new router but that hasn't fixed my problem. Im running wireless which I know doesn't work well but only way I can.
  2. I'll be up for FFA Customs GT: Shavon DOT com
  3. Anyone!? Please I need someone. I lost my 40 all the way to a 30 !
  4. I am begging someone ! I can not win or even play well with people who cant communicate ! please !
  5. Anyone wanna play level 30 playlist? Im having trouble winning games with teammates who dont know how to play my GT is Shayyvon
  6. For those of you who care about Pokemon, new trailer released... Let's discuss the new trailer and the game in general !
  7. Shayyvon

    YO !

    Hey ! thank you ! And of course Im ready !
  8. -GT: Shayyvon -I have no LAN experience -Looking forward to looking competing in any LANs in the Pittsburgh area during the school year but I will travel back home (South Jersey/Philly) if I need to for a LAN -My twitter is @Shayyvon
  9. Shayyvon

    YO !

    What's going on Community !? Im Shavon. Im a Halo player for the South Jersey area But during the school year I will be in the Pittsburgh area. Halo isnt the only game I play. Pokemon is my side bae. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @Shayyvon or add me on XBL which is also Shayyvon
  10. Gamertag: Shayyvon I am from New Jersey but since Im in college now I am in Pittsburgh. RMU to be exact.
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