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  1. im looking for some good players who can play actively every day 4-8 hrs a day msg me on xbl my gt is B3NLADE3N
  2. my team mate and i are looking for 2 F/A who are 16+ that have a mic,can get on almost every day to play 4-8 hrs and is a good team player.my GT is B3NLADE3N HMU OR HIT UP IX ACEOLOGY XI
  3. yo hit me up on xbx my onyx rn is low bc i play with 1 other person or no body at all but im pretty sure you will be more than happy with me. i have played online since reach in the mid of h4 i started getting good. i would say i am a semi pro.
  4. i have no team
  5. im looking for a pro team to look in to me and see if i am able to join
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