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  1. And just woke up to find out they fucked it up even more. Haha Time to knock the Halo rust off
  2. What is the current state of gameplay in Halo? Been playing a lot of fortnite, but recently epic tooka page from 343s book and decided that automatic spam was a good idea. Thinking about moving back to Halo if 34e has finally gotten their shit together. Honestly even as long as autos aren't anywhere near competitive play
  3. Wow NO ONE is playing Halo anymore. This is crazy. Even though it had died down my friend's list still typically had 10 or so people on at any given time. Now everyone is online but in different games. And I doubt they will come back even if 343 fixes the settings. What a colossal cluster fuck
  4. Haven't been on here in a while because been busy. Which also means I haven't played too much Halo lately. But had to sign on just to say: I have literally bought each generation of the xbox solely to play Halo. I once bought a baseball game that I played for a week and I bought Rocket League this year and played it about twice. But other than that I have only played Halo. Thousands and thousands of games even considering I gave up on Halo 4 and Reach really early on and just didn't play video games at all during that dark time. Until they changed the HCS playlist. They were heading in the right direction and then completely backtracked. I picked up Fortnite and have been playing that instead. I am honestly considering switching to a PC and giving up on Halo instead of moving on to the new xbox and Halo 6. I never thought I would see the day. Even when everyone was bitching about how shitty Halo 5 was for competitive play with autos and radars I stuck through it. Thought that I had been rewarded when they finally got rid of autos and fixed the radar. The game was heading in the right direction But now I'm regularly playing a game other than Halo for the first time in well over ten years and am considering scrapping console gaming all together despite never having played a game on a PC in my life.
  5. Anyone have the schedule for this weekend? Tried to google it but I don't have the time to sort through a bunch of bullshit and didn't see it at first glance
  6. Definitely a little above my skill level (onxy 2000) but I'm interested. Dankgravy Trick is gt
  7. Especially right now. I don't know WTF is going on but it is really bad. Last night every other game was so laggy that my respawn counter was just straight skipping numbers. Like it would say respawning in 6...3.... respawn
  8. Until someone comes along and starts a new org called LOL and picks them up
  9. I'm not sure if it is just because I played way more H2, but the H2 sniper feels to me like it was waaay easier to use than the H5 sniper. Swipe sniping all day. And having a sniper was pretty much like having a sword in close quarters because of how easy it was to no scope. But maybe it could just be that I was way better at H2
  10. I'd rather have a shitload of money be unknown than be broke with a great legacy
  11. I would gladly play $45 to get goosed but still teabag any pro I saw someone else kill
  12. I think a lot of the reason is that most of the pro content on their gets posted as xboxclips/youtube etc whereas as lot of the highly upvoted content is via GIFs. Take this post for example. It ended up with 800+ upvotes. If it was a youtube video or an Xboxdvr clip it would have gotten half as many. Obviously a lot of pro content does not work well in GIF form as it is longer, but clips like this or some of the crazy Frosty plays work well as GIfs but instead are posted as videos, which not as many people click I actually specifically went to r/halo to look for this clip hoping it was in GIF form because Twitch/youtube/xbox DVR are all blocked at work but I can easily watch GIFs. Moral of the story is that if you want to see more pro content on r/halo, submit it in GIF form. I have no idea how to convert to GIF and I'm guessing it might be a pain in the ass, but GIFs are where the upvotes lie
  13. This is Beyond, what do you think.. That being said, the fact that people even consider it a possibility shows how fucked up the e6 organization is
  14. hollllly shit. Just pulled up the stream in class to see what the fuck. And you werent lying about optic!
  15. I'm not even sure if you are fucking with me or not. WTF is going on here!? In case you aren't actually fucking with me, what the hell is LOL? And what does retiring mean?
  16. Been extremely busy and currently sitting in class. Have there been team changes wtf?? Also can anyone tell me who won so far today?
  17. I feel like this has to be some WWE shit. Like create some drama so that everyone is excited about them meeting in pro league. Cause otherwise this just seems really petty
  18. Continuing to bag and melee the body long after knowing that the player has respawned. So that the next time they come to the spot where they were killed you are still bagging. Gives them a free kill, but can't fuck with anyone's head more than that. Works best in doubles because they are more likely to be the one that finds you.
  19. I can say the same. But that is because they are good and I suck.
  20. I don't really have an opinion one way or another on Halo on PC vs Xbox, but your reason #5 is applicable right now. Someone playing on a monitor, with a headset, with a good connection, and with an Elite/Scuf has an advantage over someone playing on a TV with a regular controller
  21. Yes, I have to play on a lower sensitivity on the Elite than my normal controller. Took me a few months to figure that out. If you have a Microsoft store by you, take it to them. They try so hard to compete with Apple that they seem a little more flexible. My Elite was technically out of warranty by a few days but they still let me replace it under warranty in person at the store
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