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  1. Gt:Dark Remalf Zone: US eastern Time: mornings, early afternoon Skill: mostly Diamond and Onyx...no swat for me Just hit me up with a message and ill join
  2. Dark Remalf Currently live in Miami-Dade County
  3. Hey guys, My name is Dark Remalf, I was recommended by a member of a community I am a part of and thought of looking for a fresh and fun new community that could bring the spark back into my life I am pretty chill and mature when the need be, I got to say, I am quite overwhelmed by the amount of content in the site and would love to get more involved with it, so how do I get an introduction to the site and the way the community works? Well, I'll be here and look forward to get more involved in the community .....BTW, I am 23 and happen to be quite busy, because of school, but never the less I try to get on as much as possible. Cya Around!
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