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  1. Not sure if someone else has already replied to this but Bet 365 are offering odds on the HWC. Current odds: NV 1/8 vs Elevate 9/2 Rec 2/5 vs Renegades 7/4 Splyce 4/9 vs Tox 13/8 Production has been on point so far, can't wait for champ Sunday to start - Common
  2. Bungie making bank with all these twitch prime subs....Probably was never even a Destiny 2
  3. Just found out I have to fly out for work this weekend, I reckon I'll catch most of the weekend fine but I'm pretty sure I'm going to miss all of Friday with the travelling. Do we have the links for the "alpha/bravo" stream so I can catch up on the past broadcasts in the hotel when I land? (Ideally so I do not know any of the results and can live in ignorant bliss pretending it's real-time) Kind of annoyed because I missed most of last worlds as well and I'm actually really hyped to watch this time and then work fucks me with a last minute assignment Although I don't post here a lot (or at all really) I do check in almost every day and it's amazing to see the community still alive and kicking, despite the extreme levels of toxicity
  4. So I very very rarely play Halo anymore but this weekend I had a bit of time to kill so I thought I'd jump on but I've ran into a few issues and was hoping if someone could confirm if this is "normal" or an issue on my side: Every, and I mean every, single game I played I disconnected from the server and got kicked back to the main menu. Usually after this I would need to quit the game and restart it as it would freeze at the menu screen or fail to connect to any lobby afterwards. This was 7 or 8 games in a row, after which I gave up. The first few minutes would be fine and then suddenly I'd have the H3 style lag of people walking into walls and then boom, disconnect. I know I've read on here before about disconnect issues but I'm starting to think this must be an issue on my side as otherwise that's just mental. My internet hasn't dropped as I'm streaming football on my other screen but I don't know if this is an issue with my Xbox, bad luck or if the game is crazy broken?
  5. FabE beat Vibe 4-0 X-men beat Infused 4-2 Losers bracket - Vibe beat Infused 4-3.
  6. Yep 7-6 CLG - I think they played a game of Truth assault that is not showing on Halo5Arena (Which CLG won 3-0)
  7. I think Strongside's description of flag overtime was so bad that I forgot what actually happens :sad:
  8. Hey everyone, Gt - Stoned Bunny I'm recovering from a concussion at the moment and the doctors have advised to stay away from games, especially if they require concentration (guess Halo falls into that category!). But in a couple of weeks I should be back to normal and want to try and get a bit more Halo time. I've been playing since H2 but literally all my halo friends have since quit and moved onto other games, getting into H5 solo is quite frustrating and I usually end up going offline after a couple of games.
  9. So I just realised (bit slow on the uptake) that the swimathon thing I'm doing for charity is this Saturday, no matter which way I try to look at it I can't see a way that I'm back home before 10pm GMT (5pm EST?) - So I'm fairly certain I'm going to miss a few of the early games. Is there a feature where it is possible to essentially start a broadcast from the beginning whilst it is still live?
  10. 1st - CLG 2nd - Elevate with Ryanoob subbing for Munoz 3rd/4th - EG and Triggers Pound Not sure after that, sorry.
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