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  1. I know this is a little off topic and I'm sorry if it's been brought up in the past, but imagine if 343 withheld $500k from the prize pool at worlds for the 2016 seasons. I just don't see the negatives. You still have a 2 million dollar prize pool for worlds which I think is still bigger than any console esport ever. And the seasons could've broken down like this (with the $500k combined 343 is already putting up for both NA seasons combined): $500k Total Available Prize Pool Per Season Pro League Prize Pool (League Play) Per Season - $100k 2 Open LANs Per Season - $100k each End of Season Championships - $200k each Maybe I'm wrong?
  2. I this @@Cratos told us in the past that it was about "watching your six" aka watching your back.
  3. I swear there's more baby like whining in this thread then at my work. And I work in god damn retail. This is one of the most exciting periods in halo 5's brief history and we should just all be hype. Stop picking fights and stop with all the bs, please. Sorry for picking out this specific post but I'm just tired of it. Literally every single pro team besides CLG is changing up. Will any of these squads be able to even compete with the H5 Gods? WHO KNOWS BUT SHIT IS LIT LET'S GO!
  4. Fairly brave of you to go against the grain and pick the 4th seed to finish 4th.
  5. You are part of the most popular gaming organization out there. You will be critiqued frequently both fairly and unfairly. Unlike professionals in other sports, people get to listen to and watch your practices, with that comes more armchair quarterbacking and "experts." An awesome antidote to the criticism is results so I wish you the best of luck this weekend,
  6. It was cringy at best. They are a brand and that brand can't have it's representatives (especially the CEO) spouting nonsense on the official channel. Hitch needs to edit that crap out next time, assuming he's allowed to do things like that.
  7. This x 1000. I didn't think I'd have to thank @@CyReN for showing how to block people on here, but got damn---you fuckers made me upvote cratos.
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