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  1. Downside of online qualifiers. No will will ever know for sure. You can't DQ.
  2. Flamesword passing up weapons that are easier to use, have faster kill times, and 3 times the red reticle range is mind numbing.
  3. Why do people not understand the qualifiers have been pulling these viewers for a month straight except spread out over 10 popular players. Flameswords like the only one left streaming so everyones in his stream. Last week was 14k players or so. Optic pulls about 1k players to Halo.
  4. You think team colors don't matter on Rig Strongholds in a best of 3 LCQ? Edit: Slayer not strongholds. Still matters though imo
  5. Qualifiers have been averaging this many views for a month straight now. Flamesword is the only popular streamer right now, even the Sudds are getting 300+ views. Add the fact that this is last chance qualifier, there are a lot of Halo fans watching. I doubt optic brings more than 1000 viewers to the scene. Neg away, but optic isn't going to magically save Halo. People are delusional if they think optic has a meaningful impact on this scene. Qualifiers have been averaging this many views for a month straight. Since no other popular streamer is streaming, you guys think there are 12k optic fans now? Jesus christ lol. Ninja + snipedown + Lethul + Roy had more viewers than this combined last time.
  6. How will a bomb spawning at somewhere other than dead middle of the map ever be fair? If it's not middle, it's either closer to one base or the other.
  7. Please tell me more about 343s track record on adding forge made gametypes/maps in a quick and timely matter. If it isn't an official gametype and can only be made in forge after the fact, then there is a slim to none chance it will get added in a timely matter. You know we're approaching 4 months after launch and we still only have 2 objective gametypes right? If 343 wanted oddball in, they would add it themselves.
  8. Double thrust on these maps is a huge fucking deal. You're going to be able to get away twice as easy after you fuck up now. Bullshit
  9. It's funny how 343s big goal was to unify game settings to tournament settings, but I'm more confused about gametypes and maps than I ever was when there was an MLG playlist.
  10. Man, I thought that was the best part of older Halos. No one won because they had a better gun or a better advantage off spawn. Just pure gun skill. I find the 1vs1 pistol battles 100x more entertaining than someone killing someone with a weapon that has a faster TTK and that's easier to use. I hate seeing BR/Carbine/DMR/LR fights against the pistol, and I'd rather see pistol vs pistol than precision weapon against precision weapon. I kind of understand it though. Maybe if the variety didn't hurt the skillgap like it does now I'd be more for it.
  11. Being able to show off your armor and your stats in pregame/postgame lobbies was huge. I know it's weird to think about it like that because anyone who sees your armor/stats is going to forget in 5 seconds, but people being able to easily see your highest rank with one click in Halo 3 was huge incentive to grind for a high rank. I have literally no incentive to grind for armor. No pride in potentially getting something from RNG. I have no incentive to grind for high ranks either. No one will ever know my highest rank come next month. The lobby system right now is crap. Just another area that other games continue to improve on while Halo reverts back 2 consoles ago.
  12. Every gun except the pistol ruins this whole game for me. It's sad your utility weapon makes up an average of only 33% of your kills. Why are there so many guns in this game? And they are all the easiest they've been in the entire franchise.
  13. Thanks for everything you do. Crunching all this data must be rough. Appreciate man.
  14. I feel it man. Of course I know that famous statement that 343 made and how far off it actually was, but I was referring to the fact that it introduced so many new people to Halo 1 and still has a high skill gap even in MCC. I never played Halo 1 on the OG Xbox, and I had the time of my life when I started out playing Halo 1 on MCC. It was obvious that some people ate shots and all that, but I never really realized how far off it is from the original until I saw older people talk about it and watched gameplay videos thanks to Missing Nope. I know halo 1 on MCC is basically a failed port now, but I still was able to learn all the nades, spawns, and tricks just like the original. Halo 1 has significantly changed my views on newer Halos to the point where I don't even really enjoy them anymore. I really dislike 343 as a company and how they handled and continue to handle MCC, but I'm thankful I and many others still got/get to enjoy a game like Halo 1. I do feel for you older guys because playing Halo 1 on MCC seems to be almost unbearable. For us newer guys, it feels like experiencing an awesome game for the first time because we're less keen to all the problems.
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