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  1. I apologized back in Texas. You know what the situation was right?! Again I'm sorry for all that, and of course in going to ask for feedback from the hardcore audience. This community is key to growing Halo.
  2. I apologized in Austin after that incident. Again mistakes were made due to the situation I was put in. Once again apologies.
  3. I absolutely love this game.
  4. Hey guys, made a post here - http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/12343-hello-team-beyond/?do=findComment&comment=674042 Introducing myself and looking for some feedback from this week at the XGames!
  5. Hey Halo community. My name is Benson and I just casted at the XGames. Wanted to formally introduce myself on the forums and drop a little bit of information about myself. Want to start with a thank you to many of you who have helped me at the beginning phase of casting Halo. From players to members of the community there have been a lot of helpful comments in regards to casting Halo. I'm also looking for helpful constructive criticism with my casting this week. Obviously I know the #1 comment will always be game knowledge, and I respect that and am really trying to grind out more and more. Of course I will never be a Walshy in terms of knowledge (the guy Is unreal) and I know a large portion of the community prefer casters that go into great depth. This week I tried to simply appeal to the wider audience. Asking questions newer viewers would like the answer to as I feel, especially with halo appearing on ESPN, it's an extremely important part of growing an eSport in my opinion. It's a fine line not to insult the current community and to appeal to new viewers, so hopefully I didn't do that too much this weekend, please let me know if you think some questions were too "simple" - I went with the mindset of the first time I saw an NFL game I had no clue what was going on, so I assume the vice versa is true also. Looking forward to seeing some constructive criticism and improving my Halo casting. Benson

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