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  1. I get that you have to lead your shots, but the BR in H3 feels so clunky. Obviously, I'm not very good at H3. Maybe I'm nuts
  2. I got paired up with Danoxide the other day...I am a high plat in HCS ...i did hit low diamond in team arena, never hit diamond in my life Maybe I'm better than I think
  3. Since we are talking rent...used to pay 1100 for all utilities for a 435 sq ft studio in Denver Now split a 2 bedroom dump in Lakewood for 1620
  4. So guys. Always lurk. Rarely post (unless rent related) been busy with destiny. 343 got grumpy someone called them out and pulled his offer Rent is still high in Denver Halo still stinks EG lost to Ronin Did I miss anything?
  5. Best pizza chain is Jets Pizza Square and their jet bread, hands down
  6. I got up to gold 6 from like gold 1 in HCS playlist. Feel like I just get my ass worked. Definitely harder. I'm not good though. Highest I've been is plat 6 for a few seasons in Arena mostly solo que. Thought pistol only would be better for me, but I'm a confirmed radAR kid (like Optic) On that note, any low holds that like losing, let's play
  7. Couldn't Bubu improve with the new settings just like everyone else can? Aim/hit registration - isn't it possible we think head shots aren't registering because we no longer have an AR in our back pocket to clean the kill up? I am happy with new settings, but The I've noticed is more chasing the one shot player around an object and not getting the kill, but I also suck and have been exposed as an AR kid.
  8. All seriousness. Haven't really played proving grounds. What's the difference with radar? Doesn't show as far? And only show up while thrusting/pounding? Or is sprint included?
  9. I guess I'll get us moving along to the next subject...Ninja playing H1Z1. Thoughts?
  10. As you can see, I can barely work this thing. I guess I've just been skimming since worlds and it's been the same thing. Haha.
  11. Let's get back on topic. I pay 840 a month (including utilities) to split a 2 bedroom in cap hill in Denver. This is about 30 min from our favorite pro cratos

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