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  1. Could anyone do the honors of filling me in? I haven't really payed attention to the scene for the past 6 months or so. What's the state of the game? What's the state of the community? Any up and comers? Any vets retire? Anyone come back? Is optic still uncontested #1?
  2. Just played the new settings for the first time last night and I have never had this much fun in H5. Thanks for the hard work and listening to our prayers!
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong but there was some notable backlash against Halo 2's gameplay changes. I believe there was even a website made called something along the lines of halo2sucks.com
  4. As someone who loves gears but never followed the scene, this event is pretty fantastic. Gears will never touch Halo as a spectator game imo but escalation is a blast.
  5. You can't hand a series as treasured and as thorough as Halo to an entirely new developer and expect positive results. Halo should've ended with 3 and everyone knows it. I don't even blame 343 for (most of) their failures: they should be working on their own, new IP, instead of being enslaved to work on a series that they didn't create and have little respect for.
  6. Unfortunately this is the road AAA games have been going down for quite a few years now. Most releases from big name publishers are either completely broken or void of any soul or creativity. Outside of indie titles and japanese games, what is worth playing these days?
  7. what the fuck is that fruity music in the background I can't even hear what he's saying
  8. I respect TC but it's certainly not sunshine and rainbows over there. I've seen nothing but negativity surrounding gears 4 and it's awful micro transactions
  9. CP really brought it back for a sec there but just as I was hitting my climax of excitement they choked it.
  10. Wow this so huge for our scene. Let's hope H6 continues this trend
  11. I don't think any events for H5 will top Xgames for me but this was pretty close.
  12. Let's hope the rest of Halo 5 is smooth sailing from here. Please?
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