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  1. Winners finals was also a lot closer than people seem to think, at least it felt like that from playing the series. Liquid is a great team and shouldn't switch at all at least for the near future
  2. Snipedown got a bad case of the frosty syndrome against liquid... I hope he recovers quickly
  3. cant be happy for doing what you're expected to, just proud that you didn't fail
  4. Well no matter what at events they have never been bad enough to suck like they have the past like 2 weeks in scrims. Also Renegade plays on a hotspot a lot and he was godmode last event so that helps. Idk why they have been so bad lately but I doubt they play like THAT at the event.
  5. Totz in 2010 really wasn't bad. Still mad TD didn't win DC.
  6. No they had 2 good scrims in a row and are now a threat to take the HWC. Tune in tonight to see if they should retire again.
  7. Yea Royal 2 was getting sick of people seeing his 1.5 kd average
  8. You are welcome. Mikwens internet went out before the match and didn't come back so they had to dq.
  9. I don't come here for one day and you guys are saying you wish we were on MLG.tv because of one event you watched on there, where optic was making an insane losers run which of course will make viewership crazy. Also where it was the only place you could watch unless you wanted to watch an hour later and already know results. It's not a coincidence that once everyone and everything was on MLG viewership dropped. You guys want halo to grow I hope, well if that's the case just stop lol. MLG is amazing and I want them to run events too but that's just too far. You're going to get such a small fraction of new growth if you were only on MLG as opposed to twitch. So many people use twitch on a daily basis and run into new things, that's the beauty of it. Just please please stop sounding like the cod community did before the MLG.tv fiasco when we've already seen the results.
  10. Pretty sure most of his music is from the same guy, idk specifically who. I'll ask him at some point and let you know.
  11. Before we continue can we get an urban dictionary definition to this "chestnut" word
  12. you have as good of a chance as you do ordering a new pair of Yeezys when they release, Burbank studios seat like 100-200 people maybe idk
  13. Or a point system that relates to the events you're playing in/for. Not relative to a damn PRO LEAGUE SEASON that doesn't start until after HWC.
  14. What annoys me is that they can fix this at any moment, but there will be radio silence and PNDA will still be highly seeded because for some damn reason a pro seed relates to the separate HWC season. St. Louis made sense with that regard since there was no qualifying before it, but for Vegas it is just embarrassing. This is worse than anything in h2a by far and if worlds wasn't coming up and these events weren't worth a decent amount this would just be pointless. So much frustration, just change shit so it makes sense. You can't get in trouble ITS YOUR DAMN TOURNAMENTS.... FIX IT
  15. Trust me man we've questioned this horrible system many times. Bubu's team or ALG could have won St. Louis and they would still have to play in AM.
  16. I wasn't on here early enough to see how stupid Frank looked, couldn't let it pass sorry mods!!!!!!
  17. he also gave fearitself like 300 dollars to buy a plane ticket so he could attend Vegas I believe. It's literally not an ethics issue, the people who he personally donates to use that and go to the events. Honestly you're either jealous of people getting twitch donations or you're just bored and couldn't find any other confrontation today idk but this makes you look so pathetic lmao.
  18. i watched the rebroadcast and you were spamming how bad I was every time I died on stream. Also your username is based off of the saying that myself ace and maniac always said. I am officially your daddy.

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