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  1. You can't buy growth. I'd say your mindset isn't bad, it's just wrong lol.
  2. I just don't think it should go out that far, top 8 is the farthest I would go. Sure it's 75k prize pool, but that's not really that much let's be real. Just seems like a lot because we're use to so much less. Prize money outside of like the top 2 at these open events isn't that good at all. When there's not much to be spread as is, can't really spread it out. They did this before and optic got 550 dollars for 4th place lol. It's not like pros outside of the very top are making great money. If you're playing the game to get 16th and make 250 dollars idk if you're in it for the right reasons. EDIT: The money statements go especially for events outside of worlds. Hell there's a MINOR LEAGUE, that alone is more than anything AM's got outside of Combines back in the MLG glory perfect days
  3. Yea, optic got 4th that event I think and made barely any money
  4. I typed this in a hurry I meant to say if you get 7th you get basically as much as a team that got 16th sorry lol
  5. Because if you get 7th, you're getting as much as a team that got 16th
  6. Yea he does lmao, Me nick and Hitch have figured out that this room in the optic house is cursed and anyone who lives here leaves to Tennessee
  7. I'm not moving in alone otherwise I'd gladly come play on your 1/10th snipedown internet. Which is still 10x better than any internet I've ever had. I'm not buying a house yet just moving there for a year or so
  8. no besides those 2 CP and nadeds new team I don't know anything. I also have been gone for 2 weeks basically so I'm not up to date.
  9. I will be paying 1000 for rent in Tennessee, thanks for asking. Anyone else?
  10. So you probably posted this last worlds... nobody spoil it for him!
  11. My PO box that's filled with other rotten tendies and multiple fan fics written about me and past teammates.
  12. Hey hey hey man don't be spreading these lies. APG and I talk about this sometimes, APG actually won the most that weekend. But other than that we were all trading the games. But yes that was probably some of the most fun I've ever had, us 3 would always be 1v1ing eachother at events. Now I'm crying thanks.
  13. Stop trying to distract everyone from you still getting your name changed to shitlin if we win
  14. it's ok we still won the other scrim before this event 9-4 so we're up in the map count. Last event was a lot easier than St. Louis and I was playing it a lot. You're not even good at the forums man can you find something you're good at? Since cooper is gone I'll keep the tradition alive... If we win this worlds change his name to SHITLIN
  15. Bout to turn it on I'll get it to 50th dont worry be prepared to edit your post idiot shetlin
  16. Huke #1 imo, he seems to always play well. Other than that penguin, and stellur. Eco fills in gaps and knows the basics better than most. Shotzzys jumps and movement is really good but idk it didn't show really this event.
  17. oh yea we have secret weapons ready don't ask questions
  18. no I don't waste my money, after months of snakebite and I not celebrating and winning at the blackjack table we have mastered the game. It's nothing but profits over here.
  19. we got like a large plaque that says UGC St Louis Champs or something, and a check that they are sending us I think? Then for Vegas just the check which they said they'll send to us too.

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