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  1. Slayer in h5 is so bad. I don't think I have ever known wtf is going on in any given slayer game since release. Still better than any alternative sadly.
  2. listen man it was either that or I make a comment about apg. Anyone that watched my stream the last 3 hours of last night knows he's still not recovered from whatever he was on.
  3. nV back to the #1 spot already wow the new settings really show snipedowns insane skill!
  4. yea Maniac knew the key to success... Stamina. You can't lose if the other team is passed out. That's the difference between pros and AMs.
  5. He wasn't amazing but the top AM teams still couldn't beat him at relegation while concussion apg was still around. Man if that's your opinion I do not want to know what you think of people worse than him...
  6. That's up to Snakebite not me, he gives me my off days so if it works with the schedule yes.
  7. 3 cents per month for rent? I don't believe it. Time to debate boys.
  8. Hopefully not 23,000... if he does we need to get donating guys lets all go!!!! twitch.tv/ninja
  9. I got that one bloodshot on the guy jumping pit to green, snipedown would have instakilled him like he had a nornfang. But it was as close as I'll ever get.
  10. Yea but then I get games like this, when the connection is good it's like REALLY good. MCC is a damn enigma.
  11. Less bloodshots? No at least in original h3 you wouldn't get bloodshots if they weren't by walls. In MCC they could be walking on plat on pit and you can get a bloodshot
  12. You got a $400 dollar travel stipend and 0 dollars for 9-16. They were "pros" because they had a top 16 champ bracket seed.
  13. I'm not against people getting money outside of the top 8, but I'm also saying that pros that are on the lower half of the professional scene and placings really aren't making much as is. You guys can bring up orgs and other stuff but in reality they're probably breaking even. At worlds which is BY FAR the biggest tourney of the year Str8 got 4th. 4th at the world championship and they got 12.5k each, and for 4th at st louis 1k each. Unless you're at the very top with how prize money has been, and mainly how it's been distributed you're making chump change. Basically outside of worlds the money isn't sustainable as is for ALL Pros. Last worlds we won and got 500k, 50% of the pool and since we won I'm loving it. But tbh I just don't know who makes these decisions but it could be done much much better. Think what you want but top 16 is too far of a spread the money in my opinion, top 12 wouldn't be too bad as long as someone doesn't make it terrible. Money should be sustainable for professionals first, and as of right now it really isn't lol. Teams who are getting 5th-8th and not making pro league finals are making barely anything, only worlds gives them a chance to make anything decent.
  14. I'll buy a taped off section and if you get top 16 you can come in if that's really what will make people feel accomplished
  15. H2A UGC St. Louis. H2A had an open and point structure 100x better than what we currently have, teams had every opportunity to play in the same stuff as pros. UGC Prize distribution went out to top 16, the team that got 4th got 550 dollars lol. The pool now is bigger but still 75k is not something amazing where it can start getting spread this thin.
  16. You later added that. I had never said anything to even point to defending how it's been run. So that was pointless to bring up. You can "buy" growth with those things but that's just called growth. Not buying it by saying come to the event and we will give you money, that is actually just trying to buy it lol. Just saying this route has been tried before and it was nothing but a failure. Let's just learn from the past for once?
  17. Says the guy who made up some world where I said the online pro league was how to grow... Yes I am confused The only game that has a tournaments as it's main structure and pays out top 16 is basically CS. COD events have 200+ teams, 1st gets more than our entire pool and they are paying top 8 not 16. Also poor 7th-8th in this distribution.
  18. Ah yes, because I said that was the key and they were doing that right... Growth isn't gonna be bought for 250 dollars for the 16th best team. It'll be bought with a good open structure, good settings people all agree on, and non invite tourneys... Also gonna add that I'm a pro player I don't work at 343/ESL just in case you were confused

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