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  1. Why would they wanna win 1 or 2 more games if they still lose by the same amount? I'd rather work on the consistency here but hey some people have different priorities
  2. I'm just too smart for my own good I need to lower my intelligence so when I read something like that I can just blindly move on as if there is no errors in the thought process
  3. This reasoning doesn't make sense lol. I don't care about your opinion but the reasoning being that even when nV wins (2 times) the map count is a draw, proves nothing for nV in the sake of this argument. If anything that says that even when they win it is insanely close, but when they lose it isn't really close. Now if the argument was even when WE win the map count is a draw then that would make some sense.
  4. I think you're the only one who would even think for a fraction of a second that their 4th is actually symbolic
  5. Top 4 imo were all on the same side of the bracket. Yea I know RNG beat EG in game 5 in pools but consistency counts for something and RNG didn't know wtf consistency was.
  6. 2 new pairs of yeezys + a new vlogging camera + a vanilla bean frapp or $25 paypal your choice
  7. CLG skins made the aim feel better, I got confirmation about this a while ago but I didn't want the secret to get out before the update.
  8. You literally have to be in the open by NO cover, and either watch them hit you in the face or you just have to be looking the complete wrong way? It's nothing like the AR and yea it has splash damage but in a small area, basically like 6 mini rockets per clip that you have to hit 2x as close as a normal rocket. It's on 1 map and it isn't even an issue compared to many other real problems. EDIT: Regardless of what you think there's probably like 1-2 kills a game with it. It's not breaking the game by any means..
  9. You only die to that gun if you're out of position/unaware or if you are very close to the person with it.
  10. Royal 2 tied with me in kills. That alone means he isn't the best.
  11. I expected the stupidity from Shitlin but not the rest of you guys
  12. nobody has has an audio issue until then so who knows wtf they did
  13. No input lag on controllers, it's bad on mouse and keyboard though because that makes sense right? Playing that game on PC feels like you're playing what you should have been the whole time. But it takes high specs tbh and I doubt all pros have good enough PC's because they are console idiots.
  14. Ok well they need to test it ONLINE. I bet a large issue with it in the first place is all their testing is done internally on the dev kits, which 100% didn't use to have it especially at the earlier events. Didn't really notice it at events until after the first worlds.
  15. I'm too busy writing down and recording Tibby's teams placing bad regardless of his in depth analysis. I can't do it all here folks if I don't call out the analysts who will? Winning will always be there. Heckling tibby on the other hand won't be.
  16. APG is gonna be your step dad soon if you keep this up
  17. It can't be worse than the "well we obviously FCKING SUCK" moment
  18. Yea he's finally turning that age his hormones are going crazy
  19. He's been playing fine??? Where is everyone getting this idea that he's bad or something now??

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