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  1. My shot is better than pretty much everyone's but I'm busy flying in trash positions to make it easier on other people plz fkn learn lunchbox taught me everything I know
  2. Weren't you complaining about him never hitting shots like last week?
  3. nV wouldn't have made it out of that group even if the other team didn't have headphones
  4. Your logic is backwards. We need to start talking about online scrim results from h3.
  5. No I remember tweeting it out because of how serious you were over what we were doing after winning, and then after joking around you were still just taking it to heart. Just for fun though what are your best placings? You seem like you've had some success tbh!
  6. Lol dude I was 15 and got 25th at cbus 2010, now fast forward to today and I've been in 15/16/17 straight finals or something and have a nice bank account to look at because of a trash game. You can't be this mad that I'm cooler than you in every way possible and hang with hot dudes. LOL this was the dude who was mad about us having fun in Vegas and then talked about the sports psychologist because I made some sarcastic comment. I know a dude who is a professional stick remover, specifically ones up a butt so hit my DM's for his contact.
  7. Ori is the dude that put fake MLG placings in his xbl bio 37th Orlando 09 38th Charlotte 07
  8. I'm favored to win every event so that's not really impressive
  9. You've got a lot more bullying ahead if you want to get past APG level intelligence
  10. This is the Halo version of the last day of school before summer vacation
  11. or they think he's going back to cod because he is going to go back to cod
  12. He only went to Anaheim 2009 I'm pretty sure so idk where those other event placings came from
  13. Can we all agree that I'm the most important person in the halo community and my consistent streaming since joining optic (excluding the past few weeks because I need a mental break from the cyber bullying) should be an example for any and all esports enthusiasts?
  14. we beat them like 13-1 that scrim everyone hyped up and then they proceeded to instantly tank and break up like 2 weeks later
  15. Congrats this post qualifies you to also be a Halo Champion
  16. a part* Also you had Halo Champion in your twitter bio don't think I forgot about that ya clown
  17. nV's peak isn't the problem so why are you worried about their peak performance? For you to say that Shottzy is going to increase their team skill cap to a point where they are CLEAR favorites is just nutty for one, but their consistency has always been the downfall.

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