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  1. Another "double" submission, comparison between two games:
  2. Ten years in the making, I had no idea! It better be worth it
  3. Quick intro to Camelot Unchained building (it's 100% free form and player is Necromaniak) - https://ello.co/jamesgoblin/post/lwcc9qkee_5xilkhpqhjma Building tool he uses is C.U.B.E. and first three images are from this video: In Crowfall, building is modular (you build from pre-made pieces like wall sections, towers...) but players will have tools to place rivers, mountains... at their own will (!) This is how it looks - https://ello.co/jamesgoblin/post/e6yhwdv6_xbjtdqnff1tma
  4. Yea, as others already noted - "a mile wide but an inch deep". I guess it is couple inches deeper for these that didn't fall victims to the almighty hype.
  5. I don't see NMS team as exactly an indie one, they had - and still have - monstrous amount of outer support (and, let's leave my opinion on their project aside). Just sayin' - there is lots of true, independent indies around, and the amount of heart they are pouring in their projects is, certainly, at least equal.
  6. Nothing, I'm basically waiting on couple new MMORPGs to launch. Thou I had long periods of 15-20 hours daily on average - I kid you not (vanilla WoW and Warhammer Online).

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