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  1. Hey man, been lurking here a bit, first time post be gentle guys. Used to play H3 back in the day, I didn't go to tourneys like a lot of posters here, but I maintained a 50 in the MLG playlist solo or double queue so I was somewhat competent and pulled my weight. Haven't so much as touched a Halo game since after 1 week of reach. Little background, I made a mancave in the garage, I'm the weekly host of MMA fights for about 15-20ish people on average. As some MMA fans know they hold Fightpass and FBTV fights online before cards so I hooked my PC to the theater system. To test it the night I put it all in I threw on some twitch, and whaddya know Halo 5 X-games? "I remember halo! let's see what this is about" I remembered a lot of faces from the H3 days. Well needless to say an hour later people start showing and nobody wants me to "change the channel." 2 hours later I have a garage with about 25 dudes ages 27-45, and none of them want me to change it they tell me to DVR the fights. I'm talking dudes who either haven't played a halo title in a decade, and dudes who didn't even know what Halo was freakin out and getting hyped as hell. With the EG/CLG beef being explained on TV we got half the rooms split, and by the end of the night my drunken father is making Bubudubu jokes. Ever since then, the garage has been MMA AND Halo.. We are basically the embodiment of your casual "wtf is going on" audience. So some things I wanted to chyme in on. 1. Strongside stumbles, it's cool we don't mind it, he'll get better. He's a cool guy and I like him. The Skorpion Deathlok Yoga Pose dead body was funny, but there was definitely something more important going on to be watching at that moment. We all laughed anyways. Elamite you're a charismatic dude, and I hope to see a lot more of you casting. 2. The outlines, we like it, we love it. I'm sorry I know tons won't agree but as a former player I understand there's important things, routes, hiding spots, and after watching Frosty there's some crazy places to go that people still haven't figured out yet. I have never even held an XBONE controller let alone walked through each of these maps a single time to have the layout memorized, and know which nooks and crannies will usually have a dude waiting to backsmack you into oblivion. Being able to know if the dude we're following is about to pass through and being able to see through the wall that frosty is perched 12 feet up and to the left lets us know what actually happened when the dude just randomly got ninja'd. It also helps us get an idea of where the team in general is at. We don't all know what ways the teams like to collapse and push from, seeing them through walls eliminates the need for us to guess and usually be wrong. 3. Prioritization of perspective. I know it's a work in progress, but us casuals, any of us could windmill down a dude with an AR or SMG. But you'd never want to see any of us with a sniper, we probably couldn't hit a wall. Because of this when the hotshot pros get a sniper in hand, we want to see it. We want to see these dudes taking faces with a gun that we never picked up because we couldn't use it well right now if we tried. When power weapons are in hands, we want to stick with that dude till he's dead unless he's literally crouched in a corner doing nothing. If a flag is being run, we also want to see it. A few flags got capped last night while we were watching random pistol fights. 4. The much argued 3rd person. It can definitely be used for Flag runs, and as a commentator tool to show routes, flanks. Please be sparing with it. As casuals a few times when this was used during plain firefights, it can get a little confusing especially if you're spinning the camera mid-fight. Again we don't know the maps like the back of our hands, so we don't always know where the important place to look is. Having a First Person view of the players reticle helps with this because these beast players know where they need to be looking. 5. Play by Play is cool when things get Hype. The energy you guys have when a big multi kill happens as you call it all out if infectious. But I also genuinely like to hear from you guys what I should be looking for. You have the experience so if you see someone flanking, looking for a flag pull, I'd rather be informed about the team efforts instead, what they appear to be doing, and how we can expect the other team to combat it. I'm so sorry for the long post, I type fast in combination with a habit of rambling. You guys still did awesome and thank you, there was about 12 in attendance last night in the garage for a thursday evening, and we loved it. Tonight I'm expecting 17-19 usuals, plus about 6-7 neighborhood kids who heard and love halo. GO EG!!
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