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  1. Finished TSA's 9 week intermediate program this week. Tested my squat and bench today. Squatted 355, a 10lb PR, and bench 255, a 5lb PR. I was probably good for at 265lb on bench but I'll save that for next time. Really enjoyed the program. First time I've made progress on squats in a year and never dealt with knee pain. Benching 3x a week felt great. Was nice to deadlift regularly again. Going to test my deadlift next week and then run the program again with my new maxes starting the first week of May.
  2. Officially started the tsa program today. I hate those first super easy couple weeks of programs but I know eventually the volume/intensity will meet up to make things harder.
  3. Inzer Forever belt just got delivered! Only took a week or so to get here once I ordered it. This thing feels fucking insane. I'm so excited to test it out!
  4. Gotta be really careful about your knees tracking in on squats, man. Even if it means taking some time away from lifting as heavy as you can. Better to get a lot of reps/ work in with good form than to get some reps with good form and a few with bad form.
  5. Eh, I don't see how training with one would hurt anything. This article by Greg Nuckols moved me toward wanting one. http://www.strongerbyscience.com/the-belt-bible/
  6. Going to start the TSA program next monday. Decided after saturday's bench workout that I should probably deload this week because my elbows were feeling beat up from all of the pressing. So I'm using this week to take it easy in the gym and get somewhat used to full body workouts 4x a week. It just so happens that I've got a cold and my joints ache anyway, so I guess this deload is perfect timing? Also the gf bought me an inzer forever belt for valentine's day, should be getting it in the mail sometime in the next couple of weeks. I have literally never trained with a belt in my life, but I'm excited!
  7. PR'd on bench yesterday with 225x5. Pretty damn happy with it. Thinking about trying thestrengthathlete's free 9 week intermediate program in a couple of weeks. I haven't done a powerlifting program since Madcow in like 2012 and it looks like it would work fairly well for where I am. Anyone have recommendation on programs they have liked? There are so many out there for beginners/intermediates, but as you get past that intermediate stage there seem to be fewer options. Just trying to see what a little more structure and specificity does for my total, and specifically for my squat, which has seen so little progress over the past year.
  8. Being lean is cool and all but training while bulking is so much more fun than training in a deficit. Btw blitz how is the cut going?
  9. Don't forget to deload occasionally, guys. I feel so fucking fresh this week. Squats felt great for the first time in months on Monday. Bench felt great today. Also up 8 pounds since September. I had planned on doing a mini cut starting last week but I think I should hold out a while longer and realize some real strength and muscle gains first. Might wait until I weigh 160lbs to do a mini cut, 160 would be a first for me and will require gaining another 6lbs or so.
  10. I have no idea how to progress with LISS. Honestly had never though about progressing it lol. I would think if you're losing enough weight --> keep doing what you're doing. Not losing enough --> add a little. Going from 90 min/wk to 240 min/wk over the course of a 12 week cut seems reasonable to me personally and like an easy way to keep the gains (or losses) coming.
  11. The awkwardness fades with practice. Dan Green has a good video on youtube on sumo deadlift cues that really helped me out. Deload week continues. The only thing fun about deload week is knowing you had a successful training block.
  12. I prefer pulling sumo. Easier to keep my back flat and is less taxing on my lower back in general.
  13. In general, yay. Cardio is important man. That being said I don't do any except for playing basketball lol. But just that helps me maintain a decent level of fitness. Love finding new exercises, or new ways to do exercises that just feel extra good. Today I learned steep decline crunches--like a 60 or 75 degree angle--feel fucking amazing for me. Also this week is deload week. Decided to play around with power cleans and almost hit a PR of 205. Just didn't have the fortitude to get under it. Then did cluster sets on back squat with 225,working on technique with this new wider stance of mine.
  14. Squatted with a little wider stance and in flat shoes today. Hopefully squatting like this for a while will help me avoid patellar tendonitis in my right knee. Was a little weaker than usual, but not too much and that was expected anyway. I have to find a way to squat consistently that does not bother my right knee.
  15. Yeah Nippard and Ogus are obvious fake natties, but both are good follows because their approaches to training and diet are so damn good. Alberto Nunez I believe is natty. Jeff Alberts too.

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