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  1. Don't think so. For some reason if the GT has spaces in it now, it will count as if it doesn't have any when trying to take it. I just checked and there was "w e r e" taken already. For example someone on neogaf wanted Lili for his daughter, but someone has the tag Lil i. But the counter to it is that Nightshade and Night Shade both exist. So at some point they implemented a new rule. This might not be 100% thought so keep trying just in case.
  2. Wait, is it Hundred Thieves or One Hundred Thieves? Shit is to confusing. Hell just call them the Oneders.
  3. CLG might be getting astro sponsor. This was leaked on instagram, but then deleted. The jerseys on the CLG site have them without the astro brand, but nothing is announced/confirmed yet.
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