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  1. Will do, I'll keep you posted. If anyone wants to run FFA Custom's later to get us through this sens crisis then add away. GT: Brad Riffs
  2. 1.5 H 3.5 V 5 A 0/0 DZ Felt stellar to me last night but it's probably all in my head.
  3. So did the Ogre 2 and Victory X reunion not pan out? I'm out of the loop.
  4. I think we ran into each other in Social CTF last night. GG brah
  5. You guys are catching feelings hard and being way overly dramatic right now. CE Pistol hype.
  6. It's probably something EG would invest in for the future regardless of who is on the team.
  7. To be fair that is entirely a choice you are making whether the games are ranked or not.
  8. It's not without it's glaring issues, but it's certainly the most fun FPS I've played since Halo 2.
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