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  1. APG involved in 44 kills - 24 kills, 20 assists, 16 deaths. A Pure God
  2. Who came up with the idea for your reveal in the Vision episode?
  3. The crowd at CoD XP is lit right now, Formal just went off. I miss Halo events sounding like this. Though I've been pleasantly surprised at the Chatt event, it looks like a good time.
  4. Roy and Lunch are brothers though, that makes a huge difference when it comes to putting aside your differences and getting on with things.
  5. @@OhhMyBlank my first accidental neg, my B. God it's frustrating not being able to watch these matches.
  6. Are all Pro League match days going to start at 5pm PT? That's 1am/2am and later for EU viewers I get that the matches have to be a reasonable time for players in the US because some of them work but man does that suck for EU viewers
  7. Man this is so tough. I want Liquid, Optic and Elevate to all qualify, will be absolutely gutted for whoever doesn't make it.
  8. We finally get to see Ogre2 at a lan for the first time in a long while and...we don't get to see any of his matches. Side stations suck.
  9. Genuinely tilted that this qualifier is Sunday-only. Already almost midnight in the UK and we've only played 2 series. Most people have work tomorrow, going to limit the EU viewership massively. Also weekend tourneys are the only competitive NA Halo we get to see because scrims are too late Also - damn ALG came out hot
  10. Does anyone have a twitter list with Halo pros/coaches/casters? Always good fun keeping up with them during tourney weekends. I was following one for a while but I think the guy who created it recently deleted his account. Also - damn that sucks about APG, hope he's alright.
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