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  1. Map Updated to version 1.1 A small seam was found by the water that caused balls to register as "out of bounds". Fixed with extreme prejudice.
  2. Too bad Pengindiana, I think you would've liked it. Here are some gameplay vids if you're curious on how it plays.
  3. Hadokenchild Presents Fracture Mirrored symmetric map suitable for 6-10 players. supports Slayer, Regicide, Oddball, KotH, Multi-team, Ricochet, and Extraction. Weapons Rocket Launcher - 150 sec/1 clip Sniper Rifle - 150 sec/1 clip Needler - 120 sec/1 clip Carbine x2 BR x3 AR x2 Overshield 150 sec Blue Base Red Base Gold Cyan ____________ A big thanks goes out to all who offered their time and feedback during testing. You're awesome! DOWNLOAD FRACTURE - https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/ac8ecaa2-d53c-4288-bfc5-09cc4cbd5ca3 1.1 UPDATE: A very small seam under the water by blue base caused balls to register as "out of bounds". This was due to how the submerged grid tilted after save/quit. Issue resolved.
  4. Fracture has been outfitted for Ricochet. Will test it later tonight, if enough people are playing.
  5. Not currently no, but it can easily be added in. I've always pictured Ricochet maps as more Grifball-like. I think Master remembers that "ninja" a little differently ;P
  6. Thanks for the support everyone! The maps have been "done" for a while now. But, if Fracture is indeed worthy for the Community Cartographers, then why not give it a go? I don't have this set up for Assault, so I may do that before I post it. Anyone have a link to the correct game type?
  7. So... friggin... close! :O
  8. Good stuff Squeak! Hill was fun, just didn't understand the layout or any of the tac-jumps to really get a feel for it. I need another game on it again to better understand it. I did like the varied amounts of elevation and pathways, but my inexperience with the layout had me confused on how to reach the hills quickly.
  9. Fracture has gone through a bit of an overhaul lately due to player feedback. Currently playable for Slayer (up to 6 teams of 2), Regicide, Oddball, KotH, CTF, and Extraction. It still needs testing, but it is very close to being ready for the public. Overview: Before Overview: After Did I say "a bit of an overhaul"? I actually meant "completely redesigned". As you can see, she hardly looks like her former self. And so far, it has proven to be a GOOD thing. The terrain and elevations are now just as varied as the sight lines, which the original version sorely needed. Current map weapons: 4x BR 2x Carbine 2x AR 1x Rocket Launcher - 150 sec, 1 clip 1x Needler - 90 sec, 1 clip 1x Sniper Rifle - 150 sec, 1 clip 1x Overshield - 150 sec Well, I hope Fracture has caught your eye. I will hopefully have it ready for release this weekend if all goes well during testing.
  10. Thanks for the reply Goat. I don't think infinity fits the map at all. The weapons on the map are catered to a more classic Halo style like you'd find in 2 or 3. I really wish you would've spoke your concerns after the match was over. That way I could've bounced the party into Forge and had you show me exactly what bothered you. It's difficult for a forger to make the most of a map when the immediate feedback is all positive. It's like people are afraid of speaking up for some reason. At least you were kind enough to come here and make me aware of some issues. So I thank you for that. I have been mulling over the idea of sealing off bottom gold entirely. It is the one area of the map I haven't been satisfied with, simply because of how it connects to bottom red. Hopefully I can have something ready for customs on Friday night. Thanks again Goat for helping out, and for giving me a heads-up to your concerns. Changes will be coming soon!
  11. Ok cool, thanks for specifying that. I think I was just trying to negate bumpiness here. It's not forced really. I just used what I needed to use, within the budget. I'd love to use 3x3 shorts everywhere, but if the map calls for a 4x4 tall, then I would rather use that than put texture cleanliness above gameplay. Take the ramps, for example. I would've had to have used a 5x5 to equal the real estate covered by 2 ramp XL's. Building blocks were a much more neccessary commodity than inclines, so I used 2 XL's together instead so that I could conserve the building blocks for more appropriate needs. It's been a while since I looked at this map, so maybe there is budget room for additional aesthetics and such. Quick, to the Forge!
  12. Could you please elaborate on "inconsistent" and "lacks character". I can't fix it if I don't have anything specific. Thanks!
  13. Echelon is a mirrored symmetric map set in Erosion's interior room. While the Forge pallet for Erosion isn't the prettiest thing in the world, Echelon attempts to turn this 6-at-best into a 10. Featuring hectic gameplay and engaging geometry, Echelon will surely put players though their paces. Weapons and Ordinance Initial Drops Sniper (x2) - 150 sec Rocket Launcher - 180 sec Speed Boost - 180 sec Needler - 150 sec Shotgun - 150 sec Standard Spawns DMR (x2) - 90 sec BR (x6) - 30 sec Screenshots Isometric Overview Red Base Overview Red Base Interior Open Red Red Base Front Red Base Rear Red Alley Red BR Red Snipe Spawn Blue Base Overview Blue Base Interior Blue Base Front Blue Base Rear Blue Alley Blue BR Blue Snipe Spawn Open Blue Top Green Open Green Bottom Green Light Bridge to Top Gold Jump-up from Bottom Gold to Top Gold Bottom Gold SB Spawn Roskets at Top Gold, SB at Bottom Gold Thanks to everyone who helped me test in the weeeeeee hours after customs was over. You guys are awesome! DOWNLOAD Standard version: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/3e1f3edf-d400-415e-bade-9c7b1aa27701 One-Flag version: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/bc4d621d-a5d3-4a4d-80ce-acd3d7225acc
  14. This is just a teaser for my upcoming "Reclaimer Map Pack" featuring the maps Vitality, Fracture, and Diocese. All three maps are heavily Forerunner themed, and inspired by Halo CE campaign and multiplayer settings. Vitality Vitality is a remake of my Halo 3 Bungie Favorites map, Frailty. Located on the largest of Forge Island's anvils, Vitality has a scope and scale that handily dwarfs it's predecessor. Diocese Diocese was inspired from a single hallway, from a brief section of CE's campaign (also reappearing at the end of Halo 3). I, for some odd reason, felt compelled to integrate that scene into a map, and I'm pretty confident I succeeded. Diocese is influenced by campaign, and maps like Hang 'em High, and Damnation. While Diocese doesn't have any specific layouts or structures lifted from those maps, it does have multiple layers and lots of vertical elements that mirror it's source material. So that's the preview in a nutshell. Some fo the recent screenshots for Diocese didn't show up, and I didn't have time to take more to show off Red and Green areas. The maps are up on my fileshare right now, so feel free to give them a look over (better still, run some customs!) and let me know what you think. I'll be updating the maps as feedback comes in, and I'll make an official release when everything is set in stone. Thanks everyone!
  15. Blindside is a symmetric map featuring a quad-symmetric center, and mirrored symmetric bases. Built for smaller teams, Blindside is a great competitive map with hectic gameplay. Weapons and Ordinance Initial Drops Speed Boost - 150 sec Overshield - 150 sec Standard Spawns Sniper Rifle (x2) - 150 sec Sticky Detonator - 150 sec Shotgun - 150 sec AR (x2) - 30 sec Storm Rifle (x2) - 30 sec Surpressor (x2) - 30 sec BR (x6) - 30 sec DMR ( x2) - 90 sec Needler (x2) - 90 sec Light Rifle (x2) - 90 sec Blidside: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/6518c0ff-8356-4a6c-a70b-8124a8422145 Blindside One-Flag version: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/fafcfd32-d79b-4047-af79-f848cda7c2c7 Screenshots Overview Red Base Red Base Front Red Bridge Red Needler Blue Spawn Blue Sniper/Blue LR Spawn/Top Blue Blue BR Blue Bridge Bottom Gold SG Spawn Top Gold/Sticky Det Spawn Green OS Green DMR Purple Speed Boost Thanks for all the help with testing everyone!
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