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  1. And thats why i don't play that game.  If i wanted to build shit, i would play Minecraft.  I want to shoot people and have them shoot me back.


    It's a lot more than that and I held off on really working on building for the longest time because of this, but it adds a ton of depth and creativity to the fights. The building/editing ways of attacking people let you pull off some really sick plays.

  2. By the time Halo Infinite comes out in 2025 the BR fad will have passed.


    Do you really think it's a fad? I don't think it will ever take hold as a true competitive Esport, but the Battle Royale format is really appealing to me, and clearly it's appealing to a large number of people in general. I don't think Halo should follow trends, because we've seen what happens when 343 chases trends, but I think the Battle Royale genre might be here to stay. It's been steadily picking up steam for a while now.

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  3. If posting a picture of the two events on twitch side by side is toxic, I struggle to imagine how 90% of the stuff that’s been posted in this thread over the years is still up. It’s just the reality.


    Moses claims he left. If you break up with your girlfriend and say you don't care anymore, yet you talk constant shit about that girl for the next year, you're just sad and bitter. How is this different? It just seems dramatic and tiresome.

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  4. That's always been my main issue with the actual game. It doesn't really deserve its popularity. It's casual fun, but not much more. And it can't be the skins unless people get hooked on spending money. EVERYTHING cosmetic is behind a paywall, bar some really dumb shit.


    I think the hook comes from the CoD complex the game has. It's a game where the random factor in each game does a few things. It gives everyone a chance at a win. When I first started, I was getting skated on by some kid when he and I were the last two up. I got a random crit with a shotgun at range and beat him when he for all intents and purposes had me with a height advantage. But the randie shotgun came in clutch and gave me a cheap win. Ten bucks says everybody has these moments at least once early on and it hooks them, because they get the TASTE of an adrenaline rush win and need more. And given this is the same game where you're not punished for leaving early, you can die early enough, and just dashboard and go right back in. It's quick, almost mindless stimulation where losing isn't actually "losing" so you never feel bad about it. And it's probably fueled by the fact each game is randomsauce. "Anything can happen, next time will be different". Before you know it, you've spent an hour dying over and over dropping Tilted Towers because you're a braindead fuckwit who isn't Ninja.


    The alternative to that is living long enough to where when you DO die, it's not a big concern, and leaves you closer to a victory with that drive to win increased, or outright winning the game and having that victory. Again, they're making losing a near non-issue and just amplify how it feels to win by setting what could hypothetically be 99 eyes on you, making you the center of attention in a victory. I think the hook is all psychological like CoD was, unintentional or not. And those it hooks most are most likely the people who don't normally play these games and understand them. Hence why the casual audience is huge when third person shooters in general aren't really (Not to generalize) the top of the gaming world. Has to be psychological manipulation since the gameplay itself isn't really engaging or depthful on consoles, where a lot of these players are. PC masterbuilders are another story.


    I don't think it's fair to boil it down this way. The skill ceiling in Fortnite is incredibly high. Console play has come a long way as well. It sounds like you just don't like the game but need to find some dramatic reason why lol.

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  5. Is Aldi really as OP as people make it out to be? I've never been there, but I've seen multiple people in the local reddit posting about new locations coming soon. From the outside, it just looks like a regular gas station market lol

    IDK about every Aldi, but the one buy me has everything I shop for besides a few things, and the prices are ridiculously lower. They've stepped up their produce game as well.

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  6. I mean for a smaller org, $2000 is a lot, but considering that Mikwen was on nV, probably the second richest org in Halo...

    Do you think NV would make 100k off of Halo over the course of a year? Because that'd be the approximate cost to pay the salaries. That doesn't include flights, hotels, gear, etc. The answer is "no." Until Halo is a source of real sponsorship or viewership money, it's a financial pit.

  7. holy fuck they must sell tons of skins. i could never get into watching pubg competitively and that hasnt seemed to go anywhere, not sure why fortnite would succeed where they didnt. BR isnt my thing though so i could just be out of the loop


    I think the difference is Fortnite is (for the most part) very balanced. Compared to pubg, the game is very deep and creative, especially considering how crazy building gets. I could see large build-offs between duos or squads looking absolutely magnificent from a spectator standpoint. The replay mode they have can already present things so well.

  8. How would you define "Soon"? We should put a range of time on this! haha


    When people hate on you guys using "soon," it's not so much the word that's the problem. It's that we really just want a better idea of when. If you think you'd like to release info in the next few days, but it may take a tad longer, why not say "we're hoping to release news in the next week"? Or, even if it's three weeks, which I'd still consider "soon" in general, just say you're getting things together but want to have something in a few weeks? That way people know when they're supposed to be looking for information. The problem is "soon" used on it's own means "in the next 24 hours but also maybe in a month so stay tuned," which makes keeping people engaged difficult. People don't take issue with tuning out and then having to tune back in. They just want to know when they're supposed to tune in. People don't like guessing, and humans are pretty lazy by nature.


    Oh yeah? I get 25/5 for that price. Isn't Spectrum fantastic


    I know I'm late to the party by a couple days, but I was never happier than when I moved to an area that has Cincinnati Bell's fios instead of Spectrum. I had TWC before the merger and they were just as bad. I was paying $110/mo at one point for 50/10 and was really only getting 15/3 or so.


    Now I get 200/60, which is far more than I'll ever need, for $53. My ping with Cincinnati Bell is usually in the 15-25 range. It's glorious.

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  9. Yeah, that actually pisses me off because it has definitely delayed a GTA 6 from coming out. Much like other games they continue with the DLC to soak up everyone’s money, meanwhile the development gaps between games gets longer and longer.


    Rockstar can take as long as they'd like to release whatever they want to release, because they've earned it. GTA V somehow topped all the others before it, in my mind. They somehow pulled off a really smooth re-master as well. Why put out a GTA VI when so many people still play GTA V and pump money into it daily?


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