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  1. I always wondered about the proper way to sit while gaming... I know when I lean forward and rest my arms on my knees, I play much worse
  2. Yeah some people are just trolling though. The majority of tweets I saw were very positive. Also, this guy is definitely trolling. Go one tweet down on his timeline and he's bitching about EA's FIFA servers
  3. Yeah, that's why I assumed someone here would/will have the scoop if not.... I in no way want to present that as a fact, but that is what was said. https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/437zvc/xgames_halo_breaks_100k_across_all_streaming/
  4. I just read on Reddit (so it could be 100% incorrect) that 85k tuned in on ESPNs stream. Can someone confirm?
  5. GT: CharlesSharkley for Arena and Slayer I'm Plat 6. I always play basically solo, and I feel like I'm at least Diamond-level. I'm on EST, but I'm available a lot from the afternoon until night. I'm especially flexible on weekends.
  6. Ya know, sometimes when a person is getting a lot of negative reactions from others, that person is being funny/edgy. Sometimes, that person is just being unnecessarily rude. Where do you fall?
  7. To be fair, you can completely be two things that don't occupy the same space. You can be 100% moron AND 100% troll (which I believe to be the case) so long as "troll" and "moron" aren't exclusive relative to each other. I'll stop talking now.

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