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  1. Yeah I was just giving you shit lol. The animations and the disparity between sprint and no sprint creates inherent down time
  2. There are a myriad of problems with Halo 5 that currently make it unplayable to me. However, if the movement feels "slow and clunky," you might just be bad lol
  3. TIL Halo 5 is struggling because of Team Beyond and not 343, the developers of the actual game
  4. I feel like you've been around here a while, certainly long enough to have been around when @CyReN explained this multiple times
  5. Hey if you want to know how "Papa Spartan" has been treating Tyler's ex-teammates since he got dropped (or whenever he gets dropped really), go to RayAaronMusic and read his replies. He literally told Str8 Sick's girl that he's "not going to argue with a 20 year old." Meanwhile... these are some highlights Take your pick. The guy is like 50 years old and acts worse than Tyler does
  6. The hope is strong with this one The censorship is real when the truth gets you silenced #RetroactivelyFreeQuietMan Hell, I'd drop him just to never hear from his annoying ass dad ever again
  7. Yeah the team that just won the last tournament is super ancient
  8. I like Falcated but we don't have to pretend like Tapping Buttons isn't head and shoulders above everyone else on EG. The only thing lacking is his communication at times, but to be frank, there are at least a few others pros who are just as bad.
  9. I don't understand the need to spin this as a bad thing. To ESL's credit, they played this about as well as they could have (given the circumstances they created to be fair) They found a way to reasonably make sure that every player who paid for a flight and pass to DH gets to play with the people they intended to, or at all for that matter. There isn't a single AM player on the wait list (or a fractured team) who wouldn't rather play late than not at all.
  10. If I were Josbe, I'd poach myself as soon as possible No, I'm sure he's never considered that he is 1 person and not 20,000 people simultaneously
  11. What is going on with the forums lately? Anarchy everywhere This place used to be filled to the brim with memes, laughter, spinning ginger heads.... now if we aren't discussing basketball, we're watching two forum trolls argue over who's wiener is bent the weirdest. If any of you forgot (somehow) just how fucking bad Cooper was, I'm 94% sure you just got to experience it if he means prolapsed anus, I agree
  12. didn't expect to wake up to a bunch of people arguing about basket hoop players we're supposed to be nerds guys, get your shit together
  13. Well if you were actually a good Forum Dad you'd make sure we aren't up all night shit-posting and actually get us in bed like a responsible parent
  14. I'm guessing the position where they literally take away freedoms won't be the freedom-affirming position
  15. Well we certainly agree on the bolded. The OG players listen to Snakebite because it's a rare, rare, rare day when he isn't right regarding what they should be doing in-game
  16. Damn, I must have missed the part where @PROVERB ran a good event ever, once He can't even spell "dying" right. How can I trust him with 200,000 cables? It's even more lame that he claims he's talking about "some other" partnership and not UMG/TB. That's extremely coincidental timing.
  17. I got pretty sad yesterday when I realized how little I've played Halo lately. I played two games on June 23... my next most recent game was on April 30. I've kept an optimistic (relative to a lot of people here) stance towards the Halo series, but I fear I'm flagging out. I know in my heart that 343 has one last chance with H6. It's either going to be what it should be.... or I'm going to be done. I think I'll still chill here though. You guys have made shit smell like slightly less shitty shit ever since I joined in January 2016.
  18. You're being WAY too harsh on yourself "average" is just "adonis" spelled incorrectly
  19. The question is, do you foresee salty EU teams if a few NA teams go and scoop the prize money? I could see "We got a LAN back only to have no chance at it" being a complaint
  20. This forum has been so toxic lately Could you start using the word "bottoms"? I'd feel a lot safer.
  21. *A fucking caster feeling the need to apologize for not communicating on the forums enough* Meanwhile, in @Tashi Land
  22. Never in a million years would I assume Liquid would get better by picking up Ace and dropping Rayne. Yet, here they are blistering everyone they scrim.... honeymoon period, or are they for real? @TiberiusAudley, what do you think Ace brings to the table that was missing?

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