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  1. I think he's implying his time spent here exempts him from ridicule. So no, it's not just you. But I must say @CyReN & @Saucey, after paying Premium on this website for at least a few months, the fact you haven't blessed me with a green name is much appreciated.
  2. I was getting confused by all of the cautious optimism here. I'm glad we were able to simmer back down into our usual routine of melancholy
  3. Hmmm apparently I need to honeymoon to Italy whenever I want good Halo news. Holding my breath for MLG... See I can't say I've done the 14" dildo thing, but I'd imagine there are at least a few things better than that.
  4. I mean isn't this effectively how @Tashi got his job? I'm not sure what else he could have possibly put on his resume. Hey @MultiLockOn if you could stop posting videos illustrating your aptitude in map design, I might be able to one day forget that 343 neglected hiring the right person for a job because he said truthful things and made sense.
  5. I want to try out the Halo 3 Classic playlist, but that would involve installing Halo 5 as well as playing Halo 5
  6. in before the first time 343 decides to listen to TB, they read your post.
  7. No, you bought EG skins so you could bring Microsoft Paint Art to the Halo universe
  8. You don't know Halo? He's an old friend, lost to the ages over five years ago. Sometimes I think about him, cry, buck up, and continue on. I still use his fourth son as a shitty Frisbee sometimes
  9. My uncle didn't think you could see the next-door neighbor's house until he was 11, when my grandparents realized he was effectively legally blind.
  10. Snipedown has been so good for so long that he gets overlooked (well not really, but by his standards) when people talk about the very best H5 players. He is the best pure slayer in the game not named Royal 2, in my opinion.
  11. well Probably because he had a good idea EDIT: The Record Shall Reflect This
  12. I've been pretty absent on the forums lately, but I came back to see if you updated and this is amazing news! It must have been an extremely harrowing time for you and your family. I was hoping you had left by now We talking about the HWC in 2016 and 2017 respectively?
  13. SMH we just got controllers with paddles and people like you are already augmenting their thumbs to resist fatigue
  14. or it's quite possible they made an investment hoping for a bigger return opportunity, and upon seeing it was just PL, they split.
  15. Outperformed by a man with a diary smh Personally, I think they described the whole sandbox in wide/inclusive terms so that people couldn't focus in on certain things things like the AR being re-tuned and returned to comp play when the playlists merge
  16. I really hope you're wrong. I'm on my last leg, and I've been a pretty forgiving person compared to a lot of people here I probably already said this once, but if full radar returns, or autos return in literally any capacity besides "this is a nerf gun," I'm finding a new game to play and watch.
  17. edit: fuck, this is what I get for being two days behind. It's been done before

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