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  1. If I tweet at him can you guys please please please get into a fight on stream again?
  2. MLG has to be involved in some capacity. I'm wondering if we're looking at a dual partnership (maybe an NA/EU split) or if we'll see Gfinity as our main TO with MLG operating a couple events.
  3. If MLG gets announced in a greater-than-one-event capacity, between that and the new BR, I'm going to start playing Halo again.
  4. lol Ninja's tweet reads exactly like I'd imagine a paid ad would. That's dope though. He's really blowing up. Did I see he's almost at 10k Twitch subs?
  5. I think I remember Mikeface acquiring a Mikeface Jr.? I'm not quite sure how babies work though. Where do you get them?
  6. She's effectively saying "show me data higher interaction rates in lower-mobiilty games, but also we won't give you an opportunity to play lower-mobility games"
  7. I think after the way this update went, I'm for the first time going to be a wait-and-see buyer for Halo 6. For some stupid reason I've bought all of 343's titles in pre-order, because I'm a Halo fan who hasn't accepted how dangerously close this title is to obscurity. I can't do it again. I waited on D2 and although the game looks fun, I'm glad I held out, as I don't want to purchase it. They're going to have to show some real progress back towards Halo if there's any chance I buy the next one. That's more painful to say than I want it to be.
  8. time to pull out my army of smurfs at this point quitting a game of Halo 5 is nearly as fun as playing it
  9. If you're dropping frames everywhere and other people in the same game aren't dropping frames everywhere, it's your box or your internet.
  10. Eh at least he made my decision to follow Ola to his next team much easier to make
  11. Damn I didn't realize how many of you nerds were from Ohio too Finally got away from TWC/Spectrum and am living that Fios life. Cool ~26ms ping to most of NA
  12. . The BR is a burst-fire precision weapon with random spread. The pistol is a single-shot precision weapon with no spread.
  13. Yeah but Ghandi played with people like Defy, Shockwave, Ghost, Karma, SS, Zyos, etc. AI had no one
  14. Okay so... are you okay? This is out-of-character for you (I thought) and really lame. issa argument.... onna innernet relax
  15. @FrankTheShow hit up your homie @Tashi we're gonna need $200 and some room to maneuver

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