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  1. "K" has been seen as a snarky and negative response for years. It's the supreme middle-school-girl response. It's okay to admit you feel slighted in some way, but it seems like every time you've acted up on social media the past few months, you've ended it by backing away and claiming it was being taken the wrong way. If you're going to be publicly salty about stuff, just own it.
  2. I was going to say this. I watched him play Halo a lot for a while, and while he's the GOAT, his stream was numbingly boring. The stream I enjoyed, he was playing CE with the Puckett impersonator who was casting as they played, and that's about it.
  3. Considering this means I can play HCS Halo without resorting to random matchmaking, I might end up playing a decent bit. I used to love FFA, but the H5 iteration killed that for me.
  4. Someone help me out here. I've been playing on the One X (well, not often as Fortnite takes up most of my time), and it definitely feels great, definitely snappier and smoother than the OG box. It's not like Halo pros ever headcase, right? Suspector took a bunch of time off to play an entirely different shooter that plays and feels different, and he's surprised he's not as good upon returning? Then you have Optic, who now have conveniently the stiffest competitive field they've faced yet. Maybe they're onto something, but I have a hard time believing that moving to a much, much beefier system would somehow make your experience worse.
  5. What insights would those be? I don't mean to challenge you, but I am curious. I know he's a Halo legend, but his H5 knowledge is doo doo. Even when he did play, he was below average, and he was only that good because of his leftover gun skill. His adaptation to the meta was terrible. If we're talking insights on the life as a "pro," even that landscape has changed drastically since he was a thing. I'm guessing it will be nearly drama-free, and Ola will be all hugs and smiles.
  6. I'm guessing not that many people like being signed to Tom Taylor lmao
  7. I just remembered, I said I'd re-install Halo and play again if MLG came back. I've seen a lot of different opinions about it's current state, but I haven't played in probably six months, so I'm interested to see how it compares to how I remember.
  8. I'm guessing his dad streaming Twitch and also talking shit to kids on Twitter had something to do with that as well lol
  9. I don't think it's reasonable at all to suggest a grown, married man completely stopped his massive source of income in order to pretend he cheated on his wife. On what planet would that be a good business decision? Do you know how much money he's lost out on streaming while he's been gone? Sure, he'll probably see a surge of sorts when he first comes back, but I'd say suggesting what you did is pretty weird, at best.
  10. Are you telling me they would have quit a scrim due to "effort level" in order to go grab easy wins on GB if they were up 4-0 instead of down 0-4?
  11. "They didn't have the mental fortitude to play through a series while losing, so instead of improving upon that, they quit and beat up on scrubs instead"
  12. I love Naded, but there's plenty of ammo if someone were to want to talk shit about him
  13. [media]https://youtu.be/mdcNR_rclVw?t=11[/media] This is a different Sudd fight but it still gets me every time. Sudd 2 gets rocked in the face twice by his brother before reacting. I'm thinking of a two-part name that starts with A and rhymes with Pay Cee Royale
  14. Can we chill with the dick measuring? I come to Beyond for the memes and dreams, not two drunk old hobos peeing on each other
  15. I made the switch from OW. I play both on console, and it seems like console OW has embodied full-blown AIDS the last few months. I'm having a blast playing Fortnite, though.
  16. Honestly I bought a pair of ~$70 Turtle Beaches a couple years ago. They're still going strong. They aren't perfect or anything and they certainly aren't Astros, but they're more than serviceable.
  17. That wouldn't be a great barometer though, would it? This was Halo 3's trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9z36WDj2PcU
  18. Why would this be the case? If Spartan is the fourth, wouldn't it make sense that Liquid definitely isn't the team? He just announced he got released from them.
  19. Guys, so some fuckstick stole a bunch of my personal information recently. This led me to cancel cards, change stored information credentials, etc. It really blew. The worst part? The neanderthal that forced this all upon me made me forget to set back up the most important payment of them all
  20. Man fuck, this is why you can't be trusted to cast. It's 8am let's keep this PG please I'm sensitive

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