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  1. Damn that's crazy! I'm guessing you've had a ton of experience answering questions while thousands of people watch after you've had a grueling day of competition. All before age 16, too! You're a master.
  2. With how boring the FFA has been in H5, I almost wouldn't mind Octogon replacing it at events lmao. The only issue would be time constraints. The finals would be intense though.
  3. I like your idea, but that's literally the only reason? It's also a stellar game, which is the other important part of the equation.
  4. I don't think Jimbo is a "general consensus" best player, especially with Mose, Respectful, Snipedrone, SLG, or even Quadios to consider. I'm not saying he isn't the best overall, but he does keep getting dropped by his team lol.
  5. I think Ola often ends up like LBX. He's the down and dirty player, so when the team is losing, he's in the worst situation of them all and the stats reflect that. Sayain was objectively better than him, but he's better than just about everyone anyway. As for Penguin, is he an AR+Radar kid confirmed now?
  6. Hasn't he kind of gone the route of Neighbor lately? I remember at least a handful of shitty tweets towards Halo/343/etc from him. I wouldn't be surprised if he's sidelined. "I gotta get his attention. I think I'll viciously hump his face after killing him."
  7. The idea that we're constantly talking about wanting to talk about Halo 5 without actually coming up with things to talk about re: Halo 5 sums up why we aren't talking about Halo 5.
  8. We have absolutely no idea what his trainers at Corporate Optic are telling him to do. It's never as simple as you're making it out to be when you're owned by someone else.
  9. If she asks, just say you love Splyce too. My wife loves watching me play Fortnite, but use the wrong emote to taunt someone you slapped around one time? Oooooh that couch looks nice. Sorry honey I should have blown him a kiss I thought I had it bad, nvm. Stay strong.
  10. I have about 3x as much daily catching up to do here. The fuck happened between 11am yesterday and 8am today? I shall soon see. edit: Oh, for fuck's sake. Optic is gone? I wonder if these big investors realize what made Optic so profitable in the first place. The fans had a close relationship and fondness for the players. This was in part due to Hitch's videos, everyone's blogs, and the loose way they operated. Whatever style of fan you were, there was someone in Optic for you. They're going to run the brand into the ground. I hope Hecz has the ability in the future to reform a similar type of org, although I'm not sure what his situation is or if he'd be interested. The investors never even realized what made Optic great to the fans. They felt like they were part of a family. This is coming from someone who doesn't really care that much for Optic. The investors came in and immediately started disowning family members. I doubt a lot of these changes are going to sit well with the fans. They couldn't give a shit that Hitch missed some timelines for content. They wanted to see Hitch's videos, however they came. What dumb moves overall. But hey. They'll figure it out once it's too late. Judging by Twitter, they may have a mutiny on their hands.
  11. Is this where I get super pumped for a potential H3A until I'm brutally shot down again? Damn. That's a lot of slaying power between Tapping and Dan, a dirty work player in Falcated, and a shot caller in Shooter. I hope they click.
  12. The only shitty thing I can think of right now is exuding salt at another man for not spending his money the way you want him to spend his money. The detachment is fucking unreal lmao.
  13. Even if there's a world where you could be objectively right about this, I doubt "you're just ignorant" will ever be a sound argument.
  14. I miss the days when half of our posts were requests to ban that doucher Frank
  15. MLG taking care of Halo's Cratos/Showtime duo would be the icing on the cake. ESL was basically begging them to cheat or otherwise game the system at one point.
  16. Somebody give my boy Contra a shot. He'd operate just fine on a non-toxic team, and his pistol game is still Top 1.
  17. I'm willing to play with bad kids for a fee. I need 5k up front, a pre-game foot massage (each game, not match), and a 1k daily stipend. I'm the slayer you're looking for.
  18. I'm guessing it's a combination. I think MLG probably had some stipulations for coming back, one of those being actual promotion of the title and competitions, because MLG isn't in the business of running dead comps. I think 343, @Tashi, and co deserve a lot of credit, too. They've made a very visible effort so far to step up communication, interaction, and promotion. I am not lying when I say a game's multiplayer component hasn't grabbed me like this since I went over to my friend's house, got handed a controller, and met Halo 2, Beaver Creek.

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