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  1. I know you didn't call adding some half-baked skins this far into a game's life span "new content"
  2. It's a lot more than that and I held off on really working on building for the longest time because of this, but it adds a ton of depth and creativity to the fights. The building/editing ways of attacking people let you pull off some really sick plays.
  3. I could be wrong, but I thought Mikwen and Rayne were the furthest thing from buddies.
  4. Do you really think it's a fad? I don't think it will ever take hold as a true competitive Esport, but the Battle Royale format is really appealing to me, and clearly it's appealing to a large number of people in general. I don't think Halo should follow trends, because we've seen what happens when 343 chases trends, but I think the Battle Royale genre might be here to stay. It's been steadily picking up steam for a while now.
  5. Moses claims he left. If you break up with your girlfriend and say you don't care anymore, yet you talk constant shit about that girl for the next year, you're just sad and bitter. How is this different? It just seems dramatic and tiresome.
  6. I don't think it's fair to boil it down this way. The skill ceiling in Fortnite is incredibly high. Console play has come a long way as well. It sounds like you just don't like the game but need to find some dramatic reason why lol.
  7. IDK about every Aldi, but the one buy me has everything I shop for besides a few things, and the prices are ridiculously lower. They've stepped up their produce game as well.
  8. because if we're being honest, approximately 150 people even play this game semi-regularly
  9. Do you think NV would make 100k off of Halo over the course of a year? Because that'd be the approximate cost to pay the salaries. That doesn't include flights, hotels, gear, etc. The answer is "no." Until Halo is a source of real sponsorship or viewership money, it's a financial pit.
  10. Snipedown's shot is incredible, clearly better than Bubu's IMO. He's better with power weapons, and his game sense is very underrated. He's still one of the best players in this game. I think Bubu is probably an easier teammate to have.
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