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  1. It's been almost 12 years since the last new classic Halo game was released. Why the fuck are we still expecting a new classic Halo game after so long. Halo has been advanced movement and abilities for longer than it was ever what we define as classic. Honestly if you're expecting Infinite to be a purely classic game, you're going to be disappointed. It's time to move on tbh, play other games instead of being let down every Halo release.
  2. Where do you get this from? The announcement isn't relevant to a large portion of the community, not because its not a competitive event, but because its only going to be seen in a select few locations. I have no idea why you've latched onto this 'Must be because its not a competitive event' or where the hell you came up with that one. This isn't the first Halo announcement since Infinite that hasn't been relevant or accessible for a large portion of the community, remember Fireteam Raven? The nearest one to me is 6 hours away, and this Outpost Discovery thing will never be in-country. I would love a Halo announcement that involves something I can actually interact with. Just something Halo related that isn't completely irrelevant to me straight away because of my location.
  3. Because it means nothing for a large portion of the community who will never see these events anywhere near them, as we wait amidst the longest period of time between FPS Halo game releases, with fuck all information about the next game, with the only content currently satisfying us being either a 3 year old, near dead game, or a 4 year old, near dead broken POS.
  4. Take pistol stats, apply to DMR. Easy fix. Single shot utility weapon that looks like a big-ass rifle with a powerful round so those spergs aren't offended by it/
  5. Don't let this distract you from the fact that the NFL and co teased Sweet Victory for months and then blueballed us by starting the intro to the song to move into sicko mode. Those bastards.
  6. If it's literally anything other than MCC on PC I'd be surprised. I've been saying it since they announced Infinite on PC, MCC would be a massive driving push for Infinite. Infinite is continuing the current story line afaik, so they need some way to get people up to speed on the characters and what not so they understand what's going on and why they should care about these characters, and what better way then letting them play 1-4 on their PC's? CE and 2 already use their PC engine, Halo 3's engine has already been successfully modified for PC (Halo Online/El Dorito), and 4's engine is a tweaked H3 engine. It would not super difficult to get it running on PC. MCC on Steam would be an instant #1 top seller, MCC on W10 would still sell like hotcakes. As shit as the W10 store is, the ability to play CE/2/3 on PC would push people to it.
  7. HOT TAKE: MS has enough money to support an HCS scene for both PC and Xbox One at the same time. Siege used too have X1/PS4/SIEGE competitions on, and only dropped X1/PS4 because PC was blowing them out of the water with its viewership. Run Infinite HCS on PC and X1 for the first year and a half, and then drop the one with a lower average viewerbase. No point sticking to console if it neuters the viewership.
  8. Oof then there'd only be like 5 people left playing Halo in ANZ.
  9. ANZ is garbo at Halo but we make it up with the shitpoasts about Halo. What does EU do?
  10. I'll have you know I won one FFA Competitiion hosted by some university game community that I can't even remember. When do I get my pro tag.
  11. Hence the edit to remove it as I realized it serves no purpose and is just going to turn another argument that fizzles into nothing and starts again for some other reason in 3 days time, as it is written in the scriptures.
  12. PC Release is more likely than adding Reach imo. CE/2 already use the PC engines, Halo 3's engine works well on PC (Halo Online), all they'd have to do is tweak H4's a bit. Adding a whole new engine to the game is probably harder than porting to PC. They are also going to want to build an audience for Infinite and its PC release, and releasing most of the saga onto PC would be a good way to build hype. 343 have also been pretty good about getting us to temper our expectations for other events, the fact that they've announced this almost 2 months in advance means it must be big, otherwise its going to be a fucking shitstorm if its customs browser which has already been confirmed.
  13. You could chain abilities to jump from one base to another on midship with Halo 5's abilities. It's not a written rule buts its pretty obvious that you have to bloat the maps for the abilities to semi-work or else the game would be even more of a cluster fuck.
  14. I mean they did give up on the game lol. We went almost 4 years between Frankie promising an explanation and it actually being given. We went a couple or more years without substantial updates to the game, and probably just as long with the only references ever made about MCC be in passing like "yeah we heard you" shit. Oh, and to add Icing on the cake, shit still doesn't work properly, Hit reg is still awful in every game. This is a god-damn awful example of a studio not giving up on a game when Siege exists, which released a year later, just as broken as MCC was, but instead of waiting years for fixes and progress to be made, they started from the get to to make it work, and its actually super popular now-a-days.
  15. Shitty Spread > Fuck loads of pointless down time to traverse shitty maps because of shoehorned abilities Also because the next Halo game will have the DMR anyway which would be a far better utility weapon than the BR ever would be, so shitty BR spread isn't a problem because the DMR would exist.

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