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  1. I just hope Infinite has aim assist values that mean that the best way to aim using a controller is to actually use the right stick. Like holy fuck, playing MCC again with a controller made me realise how disgustingly strong AA is in this entire franchise, i mean holy shit when the best way to aim is get the reticle on them and then let aim assist do the rest while you strafe is just wrong. There's a reason almost every lobby is full of controllers despite PC players making most of the playerbase up, even after crossplay.
  2. Nah, adding this armour is so hilariously contradictory to the whole "we're adding skins, but to preserve the legacy experience we're adding a toggle" that 343 are rightfully getting a grilling over this. Have you seen some of the helmets they added? Like what in the fuck, this would get memed on in Halo 4/5, where it would at least match the Art style, but this is in Halo 3.
  3. Halo 3 had broken hit reg and held a pretty solid population on Steam longer than any other MCC release did.
  4. Honestly, Ranked playlist in Halo Infinite has to be one playlist. 4v4, Slayer, CTF, KoTH, Oddball, Strongholds, Extraction yadda yadda. All the comp 4v4 gametypes. Ranked Halo is already traditionally far less popular than unranked, but yet we still end up with fucken 4 or 5 different ranked playlists in each game. Focus everyone into one, single Ranked playlist and you can fix so many issues with ranked so much more easily. Higher population means more players to play with when creating games, you can implement proper team matching, better SBMM (Not whatever the fuck MCC has which results in 1 v 4 games as one good player is paired with 3 awful ones because 'da teem mmr avridge is da same') Seasonal resets, seasonal rewards based on your final rank that season. Emblems, Weapon Charms, hell, give the Top 1000 players of the season as exclusive Armour coating or something, just something that you can see and go "damn, that guys good"
  5. I'm starting to realize that every Halo game makes for a subpar PC FPS. Movement speeds to low and AA's too high for strafe to actually ever matter, and Infinite's not going to be much better. Hell, given Infinites F2P nature it'll probably have even more ridiculous aim assist to make it as accessible as possible to try and attract as many whales with all the MTX that shit's going to have.
  6. The decision to use the Reach AR and the Sidekick in Halo Infinite totally baffles me. Like what the fuck 343 you literally created the best looking versions of both the AR and Magnum in Halo 5 and you dropped them for the most controversial AR design and a fucking Hi-Point.
  7. Swap out 2A for Reach Hardcore instead. No point putting 2A in ranked if the vastly superior 2C exists, especially with 2A's shit map pool.
  8. Understandable priority, as I think Halo 3 is massively overrated and is kind of dogshit with its random BR spread and its paintball gun projectile speed, but straight shooting guns in Halo 4 doesn't nearly make up for all the other bullshit IMO, especially when, and I say this as someone who despises Bloom, you can still technically shoot straight.
  9. Okay in what world is Vanilla Halo 4 more fun than Vanilla Reach? Yeah, Reach has Bloom and armour abilities, but Halo 4 has custom loadouts, perks, armour abilities, random power weapons, kill streaks, flinch instead of descope and also a Flagnum you can't juggle, oh and also sprint. Yeah your gun shoots straight in Halo 4, but every fucking gun in that game is piss easy to use, I gotta actually try to miss. It does have a really low melee lunge range though which is like, the one thing it does better than 2,3 and Reach.
  10. I'll only accept 1-50 if it comes with seasonal resets and placements matches. The current 1-50 sucks balls by chucking everyone in the same MM pool at the beginning of any new playlist.
  11. Most games with ranked modes use a system similar to what Halo 5 used lmfao, that's not at all how that conversation would go. Halo 5's system would make more sense to 95% of the playerbase because that's what they're familiar with.
  12. Here's a neat little nugget of information. It's estimated only about 300-ish people have got the Avalanche Sniper skin from Recon Slayer. That's a nice number of exclusive rewards for say, reaching 40+ in ranked. But uhh.... The goal is Rank 20. Out of a max of 50. So either, there's fuck all people playing ranked and therefore the goal of getting more people into ranked hasn't worked... or MCC's ranking system is dogshit and makes the actual ranked grind complete and total aids? Ranked Challenges/rewards would be great if MCC had a functional Ranked system in place. The current one is dogshit.
  13. Everyone knows MCC's ranking system is a total pile of shit, but still people will defend challenges that utilize it? Like come on guys. These challenges would be way, way better in a game with seasons and resetting ranks, like Halo 5/Rainbow 6. Get a reward based on the highest rank you achieve during the season, like in Rainbow 6 Siege. Rewards get more elaborate and more desirable the higher you rank up. I would love to see this type of shit in Halo Infinite. Grinding Comp in Siege with each season is great, and I love it. MCC's system is fucked. Current estimates for people who got the Sniper skin is about 300. 300 ranked rewards is a really good number for a high end, exclusive reward, like hitting Champion rank in Halo 5 or Rainbow 6, not a good number when the challenge was reach Rank 20 out of 50 Ranks.
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