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  1. PC feels nicer due to higher frame rates. Anything higher than 60 FPS on PC introduces some pretty noticeable input lag, so playing it above 60 FPS is off the table, meaning that there is no Framerate, and therefore no smoothness advantage, of PC vs Xbox. Until there's a viable PC Halo then they just shouldn't use it. Don't market a PC Halo event with taglines such as "Put your mouse and keyboard skills to the test" if no one playing it is going to be using a mouse and keyboard. I wanted to watch some competitive Halo with mouse and keyboard, as you'd expect to see when you tune into a PC FPS eSports event. Instead I got the same Top 8 teams, the same players, all using controllers. It's incredibly disappointing for me, I was so excited for comp Halo on PC and to see what the best players could do with a mouse and keyboard, but it became apparent as soon as I played Flight 3 that this game was never going to be played with a mouse if the controller and its broken aim assist were able to be used. I'm not going to be bothering watching any more PC Halo events if its not going to be restricted to M/kb. > with players playing it the way it was meant to be played. I guess the next Reach even will be played with a forced lowered crosshair, 78 FoV, 30 FPS cap, and a hideous film grain effect? After all, that's the way it was meant to be played.
  2. What's the point of playing it on PC if the only difference from the Xbox port is M/kb control options, when all the Top teams are the exact same teams as on Xbox and they all use Xbox controllers. The only thing this tournament bought was screen tearing, something the Xbox tournies haven't had. The First PC Halo event and its no different in anyway compared to the Xbox circuit. If they seriously want to pursue a PC Halo league they need to differentiate it from the console leagues and the easiest way to do so is lock which inputs are available. I can sort of understand why it was done for this event as it was more of a show event rather than an actual event, but the next PC events need to be M/kb exclusively.
  3. Nope. Both teams in the finals were all on controller, and as far as I can tell, there wasn't a single team in the Top 8 that had a single M/kb player. Kind of fucking ridiculous for PC Halo's first competitive event to be no different to Xbox events, except this one had no webcams and screen tearing for most of it.
  4. I will die on this hill saying that allowing controllers in PC Halo events is stupid when there are already console Halo events. If I'm going to watch a PC Halo event, I want to watch the top PC Halo players using M/kb, not the same 8 teams from console playing with a controller plugged into their PC, otherwise whats the point?
  5. XBL Service Outage affecting a 'LAN' Tournament and grinding it to a halt for over 2 hours. ✔️ Piss Poor Stream quality feat. Screen Tearing. ✔️ No webcams to see players. ✔️ No M/KB in the Top 16 at a PC First Person Shooter competitive Event. ✔️ Halo Reach. ✔️ Great start for PC Halo, absolutely flawless, 10/10
  6. I am. Adapting to a new input isn't nearly as hard as people think it is, it just takes practice and a month or so to really grasp it. Top controller players can swap pretty easily to M/kb, look at Lethuls clips. He swapped to M/kb and was doing exceptionally well with it after a few weeks, but he's still gone back to a controller. There's also the whole argument that running a PC League is fucking pointless if you can completely dominate it with a controller meaning that it will be the same Top 4-8 teams on both platforms. PC Halo comps should be run using PC's native inputs, and Xbox Halo should be run using controllers. It's really that simple.
  7. Yeah I don't buy this excuse. Players at this level of play can change input devices and adapt relatively easily. There's been months to grind M/kb and get good at it. Not one person in this game is using it. Clearly M/kb is not seen as viable enough to make the change, which is pretty fucking stupid for a PC FPS.
  8. PC Tournament and everyone in the first game is playing with a controller.... If people are playing a PC FPS and using a controller at a comp tournament, clearly something is very fucking wrong.
  9. I'm only watching to see how many people are using a controller in this PC tournament.
  10. Can't even try and play it seriously as the ping fucks me so hard on the flight. CE is unplayable past 100 ping lol.
  11. Well, I don't buy Frankies "Its Halo 5 testing". Then why the fuck would Heinz be playing an unfinished version of Halo 5 when he didn't join 343 until after Atlanta 2018, well after Halo 5 had stopped receiving regular new content.
  12. I wonder if the grappling hook will be a core mechanic or a pickup. One of those two options would be kind of interesting, and its not the former.

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