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  1. Warzone should return in Halo Infinite, but with major changes. 1.) Completely remove the REQ Card system, but keep REQ variants in the mode, I'll explain this later. 2.) Take Dominion base elements, such as constructing turrets and shield doors as well as vehicle spawners once you capture a base. 3.) Complete rework of how capture points work. As you hold a base, over time its level will increase, granting access to high tier weapon and vehicle REQ Variants (Now you get the REQ variants without the shitty REQ System.) There is now a reason to actually make an effort to defend the base instead of pissing off and killing AI for a bit before coming back to it. 4.) Different bases will grant you different vehicles. The centre base on the map would have the best vehicles available, such as Phaetons and Mantis etc. All bases will grant access to Anti-Vehicle weaponry to give the team a chance to contest the centre base, as the team controlling it would have access to heavy vehicles. Microtransactions are going to exist, instead of shitty random packs, use the R6 Siege model and sell cosmetic bundles instead, with new armours, armour patterns, (Which are applied in the customization screen instead of being a separate set of Armour like in Halo 5), Emblems, Nameplates and weapon skins. People will be happier to spend when they know what they are getting.
  2. Yes, because Halo is a shooter, and shooting is pretty damn important in a shooter, so you are going to do it a lot, and so you will be punished for playing the game.
  3. @Mint Blitz Yo we shit talking you here, but this guy thought it wasn't classy. Can you pop in so this thread is certified classy?
  4. I don't mean to brag but I'm pretty sure I bet Shekkles on Halo 5 once which means he is legally required to hand his moderator position over to me.
  5. Take a shot every time you notice he's playing on a different alt. You'd be dead before you're half way through the video.
  6. Halo Online if a fucking awful example for controller use on PC. That game is notorious for having game settings that mean the game practically aims for you once you plug in a controller. In fact, Halo Online is the reason I am against crossplay or any form of controller hand-holding in MCC PC. Its the first Halo PC launch in over a decade, cater specifically to the PC audience that has been waiting so long for a Halo experience on PC, instead of shitting all over it with aim assist for anyone who plugs in a controller. Any form of crossplay in PvP is already likely off the table seeing as 343 have said they are doing some balance tweaks to some weapons due to the accuracy of a mouse compared to a controller.
  7. Yeah @Larry Sizemore I'm siding with the yIkEs gAnG gAnG here, Halo 5's power weapons are the most blatantly over-powered weapons in the series. The Rockets, Railgun and Sniper are impossible to fail with they are so damn strong.
  8. This is gonna blow your mind, but HD wasn't standard on those cubed TV's when CE was first released, so 480p would've likely been the resolution they were using, so yes, it would've been instant.
  9. Bloom is an awful mechanic in FPS games for precision weapons. You want to kill your enemy as fast as possible, and the game pushes you to do this, but bloom punishes people who try to do that. It increases the TTK because you have to fire slower than the gun is supposed to so that you don't miss.
  10. Trust me, I've tried arguing for search parameters in Postums discord for almost a year now, and they still refuse to do anything about it. JUST GIVE US FUCKING SEARCH PARAMETERS HOLY SHIT HOW HARD CAN IT BE TO UNDERSTAND THAT PLAYERS LIKE CHOICE FUCK ME THEY GOT MATCH COMPOSER WORKING BUT THEY CANT GIVE US SEARCH PARAMETERS?
  11. And joining randoms parties on X1 is risky as fuck since they can DDoS you once you join.
  12. https://store.steampowered.com/search/?filter=popularwishlist Halo MCC is the most wishlisted game on steam. #AreWeActuallyFuckingBackHolyShit
  13. Projectile feels wack in Halo 3 because its not intuitive. You wouldn't expect to have to lead your shots in real life to the extent you have to with the BR in Halo 3. The Sniper Rifle has a bullet velocity of 1530 m/s, but you still have to lead your shots? There's not a map big enough in Halo 3 that any lead makes sense. The Battle Rifle isn't sub-sonic either, so its rounds are travelling faster than 343 m/s, so we'll ballpark 700-800 m/s, still fast enough that travel time is negligible considering the size of the maps in Halo 3. The amount of lead you have to put on an enemy in during a 4v4 match on the maps is much more than one would intuitively expect. The Demoman example someone posted earlier is a good example of this, people are so accurate with the GL despite being projectile because it's what you'd expect, its intuitive. It makes sense that you have to put a significant amount of lead on someone, its a slow moving projectile and this makes sense and is super obvious. The H3 BR doesn't do this. It doesn't feel right to have to lead your shots, the range fights occur at mean that projectile travel time SHOULD be negligible. Sandtrap is the only map with long enough sight lines that make leading your shots make sense. For 4v4 gameplay, Hitscan is the way to go, because the range fights happen at in Halo 3 are too short and everyone moves so slow that leading anything makes 0 sense. In 8v8, Hitscan is still a better choice because maps are still not big enough to make it feel right.
  14. Reminder that the Halo 4 BR was a 5sk when the game launched. As bad and as frustrating as the Halo 3 BR is, by fucking god the 5sk BR was a god damn nightmare.

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