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  1. In ANZ, that's a compliment, reserved for the most legendary of breathers.
  2. I have a D-Day map on my fileshare now, Halo 5's Forge is just too good not to mess with....
  3. That is quite possibly the worst example to use on Teambeyond as reassurance that Infinite won't suck balls.
  4. Pelican Gunship. Give everyone in it control of a gun and turn it into a flying death machine.
  5. Just give us more vehicles to fuck around with, the only difference between the current sandbox and the sandbox from 2001 is a Forerunner floaty thing, a mech, a UNSC floaty thing, and an atv. Elephants, Scarab's, Pelican's, Vultures, Locusts, Sparrowhawks, Falcon's, Seraphs, Phantoms, Rhino's, Grizzlies, if its been in a Halo game, it should be in Infinite and it should be available in Bigger BTB (32 vs 32, go big or go home.) New vehicles are way more fun than new weapons imo, and the vehicle sandbox has barely been touched, and a balanced Vehicle sandbox isn't really necessary if they create a large scale gamemode, give us a proper playground to finally use all the cool shit that we've been teased with game after game.
  6. Man imagine if 343 went as fucking batshit crazy with the vehicle sandbox as they went with the weapon sandbox in Halo 5. Imagine if instead of 5 different magnums that sound and look different but all do the same thing, we got Elephants and Falcons and Hornets and Spectres and Revenants and Locusts and Grizzlies etc etc. Infinite should expand the vehicle sandbox a fuck-ton more.
  7. Everyday we stray further from the light of Hoberman.
  8. Yeah we need to remove friendly fire so that we can finally play Halo the way it was intended. By yeeting fucking explosives everywhere like a monkey flings its own shit since theres literally no reason not to.
  9. Holy shit I think I found the last person in ANZ playing Halo.
  10. Halo on PC will be GOAT because people tend to actually use their microphones in-game as even if you are using 3rd party comms (TS/ Discord etc) you aren't just restricted to that comms system, you can use in-game and discord at the same time.
  11. uneducated 343 apologist: "unga bunga bungo elitists just want haylo 3 again" me, an intelecktual bungo purest: "bad unga bunga me want haylo 3 without br spread"
  12. We haven't even had projectile weapons that make sense and feel good to use and now you guys are talking about adding bullet drop? How about no.
  13. DeaDZone is the type of gamertag you come up with at 10 years old and you think its cool and bad-ass but then a few years later you realise you were actually a fucking idiot and that its the worst gamertag you've seen.

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