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  1. How about we start with making a proper Halo game without gimmicky bullshit before we even start thinking about considering the possibility of some sort of gimmicky additions.
  2. That's why I use 'enhanced' movement
  3. if they're using the Elite Controller, chances are there are extra buttons vital to movement that you want to utilize so you don't have to take fingers off the thumbstick, Infinite is 'enhanced' movement lads and laddettes, fuck.
  4. omg steph did u see tylers new hairstyle its soo cute
  5. Sandstorm is a hybrid system. Hitscan up to a certain distance, projectile past that. The distance varies for each gun, so SMG's have a shorter hitscan distance etc etc.
  6. That trend of games cutting out the bullshit and returning to what the series was at its peak, but with improvements. Do a Halo 4 and hire people who 'Hate Halo because of x'.
  7. The people who complain that Halo shouldn't be a 'one gun game' are probably the same people who use the same weapon, attachment and perk loadout for the entire lifespan of a CoD game.
  8. Make weapons projectile outside of a certain range (possibly outside of RRR?) Honestly, projectile is the only way to limit weapons effectiveness at range without it being obnoxious. Random Spread, Bloom, Recoil, all of these things would exist to make long range fights harder, and would do the trick, but we have experience with each of these mechanics that tell us that they tend to make all of the shooting aids. The H3 BR would be fine without any random spread and a higher projectile speed. Random spread is shit, but projectile is fine as long as the bullets aren't travelling at a snails pace (halo 3 seriously wtf). The starting weapon should be a powerhouse and should absolutely wipe the floor against any other weapon in the hands of a competent/high skill player. Pickups should be alternatives in that they do something unique (Plasma Stun for example) or that they are easier to use in exchange for being much less effective. The current attempts at making non-power weapon pickups appealing by making them straight upgrades hasn't worked and will never work, as its essentially the same problem that AR/SMG starts have, in that it is exceptionally hard to fight people who have gotten those map pick ups and as a result have a inherent advantage, leading to some severe snowballing. At the casual level this means the whole sandbox is open for people to use whatever guns they want, but at a high level there is a clear obvious choice weapon for the game to be played around.
  9. I've never understood the argument against bloom, that it would make the DMR/Needle Rifle and Magnum to dominant. Like, we're playing the same Reach right? Those three weapons already dominate the sandbox, thats the nature of Halo, that precision headshot weapons tend to dominate. Removing bloom isn't going to suddenly make every other weapon redundant when they already are, it'll mean that the weapons that are already in the top spot aren't random fucking bullshit cannons.
  10. bLoOm iS sKiLlfUl beCoZ u HaVe tOO pAcE uR sHots!1! "but bloom is random, if you spam the trigger you have a pretty high chance of outshooting someone who is pacing their sho---" pAcE uR sHotZ loSer Pretty much sums up what trying to debate bloom is like.
  11. Nope, it wasn't until Halo 5 that we finally got the option to disable assassinations. Not sure why it took three games with assassinations in them for us to finally get that option but whatever

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