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  1. Tweet has since been deleted but............... What the fuck. Bit of background, The CoD Pro League has moved to PC.... but only using controllers. The Amateur league is PC/Console crossplay but still.... only controllers.
  2. Actively wanting the game to fail just to prove a point is a bit smooth brained tbh. Wanting the game to succeed but also not caring if it flops makes more sense.
  3. But like, the strongest part of the aim assist isn't the bullet magnetism (I agree that shit is stupid as fuck with a m/kb, i'm like 100% certain its why No-Scope sniper is so fucking oppressive), its the aim tracking controller gets. M/kb gets first shot advantage, but in Halo, first shot really means fuck all. This is where controller's aim assist becomes frustrating, because the amount of tracking it gets is insane. I don't understand how this forum, which was previously complaining about how strong aim assist in Halo was ON CONSOLE before PC even released, still sits there and acts like Controller AA is even remotely balanced and fair against M/kb.
  4. Side missions are the bane of a well paced story. 'Chief quick, you have to get to the control room, the Banished are about to activate the ring!' "Yeah just hold up I wanna help this settlement and rescue these marines first"
  5. They've been in Halo since 2012..............
  6. I for one, am glad they suck dick as the promotion isn't even available in my country so I know I'm not missing out on anything at least.
  7. Yeah, this isn't a 3-4 month delay if they've dragged Staten onto the project. We aren't getting Infinite until Late Q3 2021 are we?
  8. I like when people post stuff like 'Infinite development isn't going well? Insider hints at troubled development!' Like no shit development isn't going well, the games already been delayed, if it was going as planned it would still be launching this year.
  9. So in Hardcore, the ODST Magnum is basically this forums ideal utility weapon? Projectile, Single shot, no bloom, no random spread, Enough zoom to harrass snipers, 4sk, enough ammo to kill 3 enemies with perfect shots.
  10. Idk, 5sk Magnum with 2x scope and no random spread sounds a lot more fun that the BR with random spread
  11. Holy fucking shit, this, so much fucking this. It's not just SBMM thats dick, its how it works in MCC that fucking baffles me. The game balances on the team average, not player by player. If you're really good, you're gonna end up these guys as your team mates: But the other team will be 4 average players to balance it out. In Halo's shit ass teamshot meta, which teams got the better chance, the team with 1 player with exceptional shot and 3 players that might as well not be there, or the 4 with average shot.
  12. Just to point out that in the audio logs for ODST the NMPD are revealed to be corrupt as fuck, with the NMPD Commissioner himself 'rescuing' the main character in the audio log, but did it with the intention to sexually assault and murder her. The rest of the audio log follows her as she tries to escape the city whilst being hunted by the NMPD Commissioner as well as other NMPD Officers. I mean hell, the NMPD Trooper in Data Hive tries to fucking kill the Rookie if you found all the Audio logs because YOU KNOW TO MUCH. So not exactly a good candidate for a nameplate, even ignoring the current climate in the states when it comes to the police.
  13. This leak also comes after the 2019 trailer where we saw the shield HUD previously, so its not like its something that we can't possibly have known about.
  14. Nah, they're fake. That's 100% just a ripped Reach AR model, the Ammo counter HUD is wrong, the ammo counter itself is mounted wrong, it has a side light on it that isn't on the Infinite version. Hitmarkers are wrong. Also, they came from 4chan, when it comes to Halo Infinite leaks, they've got a pretty shitty track record.
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