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  1. PC Release is more likely than adding Reach imo. CE/2 already use the PC engines, Halo 3's engine works well on PC (Halo Online), all they'd have to do is tweak H4's a bit. Adding a whole new engine to the game is probably harder than porting to PC. They are also going to want to build an audience for Infinite and its PC release, and releasing most of the saga onto PC would be a good way to build hype. 343 have also been pretty good about getting us to temper our expectations for other events, the fact that they've announced this almost 2 months in advance means it must be big, otherwise its going to be a fucking shitstorm if its customs browser which has already been confirmed.
  2. You could chain abilities to jump from one base to another on midship with Halo 5's abilities. It's not a written rule buts its pretty obvious that you have to bloat the maps for the abilities to semi-work or else the game would be even more of a cluster fuck.
  3. I mean they did give up on the game lol. We went almost 4 years between Frankie promising an explanation and it actually being given. We went a couple or more years without substantial updates to the game, and probably just as long with the only references ever made about MCC be in passing like "yeah we heard you" shit. Oh, and to add Icing on the cake, shit still doesn't work properly, Hit reg is still awful in every game. This is a god-damn awful example of a studio not giving up on a game when Siege exists, which released a year later, just as broken as MCC was, but instead of waiting years for fixes and progress to be made, they started from the get to to make it work, and its actually super popular now-a-days.
  4. Shitty Spread > Fuck loads of pointless down time to traverse shitty maps because of shoehorned abilities Also because the next Halo game will have the DMR anyway which would be a far better utility weapon than the BR ever would be, so shitty BR spread isn't a problem because the DMR would exist.
  5. Because the budget got bigger so they could afford more than 2 Xbox's and 2 screens.
  6. B lol. The CE magnum would be just as fucking dumb as the H3 BR is, but at least in Halo 3 I'm not having to try and aim at enemies that can sprint off around corners or boost off in any direction at the touch of a button.
  7. Weapon hitmarkers I can take or leave. I don't really care about them so I'm fine if we have them or not. (Although I prefer Shield Flare because it gives the same information.) Hitmarkers for splash damage, not just grenades, can fuck right off. You shouldn't be getting any kind of information from yeeting explosives around corners like a monkey flings its shit.
  8. Halo 2 Anniversary MP art style is fucking awful. The Campaign however easily has the best art style in the entire franchise.
  9. I had more fun playing Halo 5 than I ever did playing Halo 3 to be honest, but you seem to implying that Halo 5 is a good competitive game because Halo 3 is not. If anything, both games aren't viable in a competitive environment, and one being shittier than the other really doesn't matter if they are still both shit. Halo 3 is the worse classic game, and Halo 5 is the best modern game, which doesn't really mean much because CE/2 are clearly better games than 3, and Reach/4 are so awful that 343 would've had to aim to make the shittiest Halo game imaginable for it to be any worse. If anything, both games are pretty evenly matched, so it doesn't matter because I'd rather be playing CE or Halo 2 instead of either options. Arguing about Halo 3 vs Halo 5 is dumb because both options suck. It's like being asked if I'd rather be stabbed or shot.
  10. Halo 5 literally had radar and brain dead OP automatics for over a year in its 'competitive' settings. Be a little more self-aware, lol.
  11. 60 days is just fucking stupid for an emblem lmao.
  12. >Remembers Halo 5's AR/Radar settings in a $1,000,000 tournament >hahaha whats the point
  13. Halo 5 without abilities was worse than Halo 5 with abilities. The entire sandbox is balanced around the abilities, removing them made the entire game piss-easy, especially with how much aim assist and magentism every gun had, and the larger than usual explosive radius of grenades.

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