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  1. You mean like.... every other Halo game?
  2. I'm liking the transparency we get these days, for both MCC and Infinite. Compared to previous games/ other companies, its pretty nice to actually get told stuff. The recent blog about the flight feedback and the actions/thoughts behind why they did stuff was good to see. I'm excited, but I also stopped hoping for a return to classic Halo a while ago and just want a new FPS game and the flight was really fun.
  3. I'll give them one thing, Halo Infinites equipment seems way better designed than Halo 3's was (ahem regen/bubble shield) Leaked list of Infinites launch equipment suggested there wasn't anything in it that was as fucking stupid as some of H3's stuff.
  4. @Shekkles i know you said you can't put some people need to be banned.
  5. The skull helmets or the ones with faces are horrendous, the Knight Helmets and the Skyrim/Thor/Loki helmets are pretty cool tho.
  6. Flood Carriers are busted and won't leave the spawn rooms, but the infection forms will chase you if you manage to pop them. Every other flood form seems to work as intended. Apparently Sentinels are the scariest thing added.
  7. This feels relevant again given the weeks events.
  8. I can sort of see where the idea for the XP only from challenges comes from, as its clearly to try and curb the afk problem MCC had with its system. But also, the idea that I could just stop progressing for the day because I completed all my challenges (ala MCC) is a pretty shit one.
  9. Seasons will probably also come with new weapons, vehicles, and possibly even equipment to expand the sandbox further.
  10. Crucify me on a stake but after getting to see some of the coatings, I'm actually okay with them. Don't get me wrong, they 100% fucked up the reveal of them by showing such basic, two colour combination ones, but had they come out with the camo pattern ones or more elaborate, 4 colour ones people might have seen the value in the new system.
  11. Inb4 its the demo from 2020 with all the graphical reworks and then they show off BTB before starting the BTB flight immediately after
  12. Its a F2P FPS with crossplay available on Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC (Incl. Steam). Unless the game literally does not function at launch then its not going to struggle at launch, especially considering the current leaks suggest the MP portion of the game is going to be offering a pretty substantial amount on content compared to the last few Halo releases (barring Forge but I don't think that was ever going to be part of the F2P portion of Infinite anyway.)
  13. Every other comp FPS game is laughing at Halo.
  14. @NavG123 cyberbullied me. i'm going to get my dad joseph staten and my uncle phil spencer to ban you. u crossed the wrong kiddo kiddo.
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