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  1. One thing I did notice from the gameplay demo was that the aim assist was a lot less sticky and tracky then it is in 2/3/4/Reach/5. It looked like you'd actually need to be a pit more proactive with the right thumbstick to hit anything, which is great.
  2. I wanna play Halo with a m/kb and MCC is absolutely not the place to do that if I don't want my shit pushed in. Hopefully the PC blog in April goes into a bit of detail with some of the lessons they've learned from MCC and they tone down the absolutely fucking insane amount of aim assist Halo had.
  3. I mean..... Limited number of Spartans, large amount of Covenant? It's pretty simple math. The only reason the UNSC won was because Truth got a sudden case of "gimme all the fucking power" and decided to give the elites the cold shoulder and take away their fancy hats.
  4. Those were the design principles for the campaign guys, and that type of thinking makes sense in the campaign environment. Playing through the campaign of Halo should give you those feelings.
  5. I think the sensor dart tags anyone within its range, including through walls. Wouldn't make sense to do any radar shit assuming Comp settings and dumbshit again and don't have radar on.
  6. I like how the game looks, the art style and weapon design is fine, much better than the past few titles, not sold on the Hydra redesign though, I think the H5 version looks way better.
  7. I'd be cool with sidearm type weapons (Plasma Pistol, Sidekick etc) being able to fire as fast as you can pull the trigger.
  8. The one's I've seen were people who were helping with campaign environments/cutscenes based on the job descriptions of the people from the Coalition that worked on H:I. If there's one thing Gears 5 did right, it was fucking beautiful, so I'm not really too concerned that the same people that did that part are helping with Infinite, honestly its more relief.
  9. I'm really curious as to how they will handle the disparity between M/kb and Controller that MCC PC has demonstrated. That games all over the god damn place when it comes to what input is best because of its weapon sandbox being designed entirely for a controller. You got BR/DMR duels in which controller is 100% the better input is basically every situation and you're an idiot if you try and play ranked with a mouse, but then you have M/kb sniping which is braindead easy because M/kb has the same levels of Bullet magnetism a controller has. I just don't know how you try and balance Halo with its not quite fast enough BMS values and its long TTK compared to most other games on the market. Hell, do you even attempt it or do you just launch with optional IBMM from the get go?
  10. CS has a server browser and mod support.
  11. I'd like to see some remakes/spiritual successors to some of the Halo PC/CE maps return in Halo Infinite. Stuff like Gephyrophobia, Infinity, Danger Canyon and Death Island. Death Island and Infinity could be really fun BTB 2.0 maps.
  12. I liked the way power weapons were shown on the map in Halo 5. At a high level of play, that feature didn't detract from the game as timing power weapons/map knowledge is trivial shit, but at the lower levels it helped create a better game flow as the newer, less experienced/casual players had a big green icon showing them where to go and get a cool weapon. There were very few times playing Halo 5 where power weapon control went uncontested as a result of this feature. Playing MCC, its amazing how many times you can just, go and grab sniper/rockets on Ghost Town completely uncontested for example. I think they do need to probably replace the permanent green icon, with one that disappears 5-10 seconds AFTER someone picks up the weapon. That means the info/location is always there for accessibility, but someone who grabs it doesn't instantly give away their position as they have time to move before that icon disappears, revealing that the weapon has been grabbed. On a completely irrelevant topic, the Spartan Laser destroys vehicle play. It needs to be removed or reworked to be less anti-fun.
  13. I mean, consoles could just catch up to PC's instead of all this wild "gotta trick the system into thinking game voice is game sounds so you can hear it in a party." I can play MCC with mates in a discord channel, and switch seamlessly to in-game chat if there's ever a need too.
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