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  1. For example, I like to get totally shitfaced. It's not hard, and its super easy, and is actually mind numbingly dumb, but it sure is fun.
  2. Okay what the fuck. Its been reworked once.
  3. Just get a third hand and adapt or get out you fucking casual.
  4. Yeah, and Infinite looks to be very heavily inspired by it, which makes me happy. Just wish they'd realized that H2A's art style was gold earlier so they could've used it for 5.
  5. Infinite Chief is the same colour as H2A Chief. Which I am 100% fine with, H2A Chief is by far my favourite/the best iteration of Chief we've seen.
  6. Why the fuck are they going to continue with the 'Chief is sad about Cortana' thing? The trailer reveals its set in 2561, 3 fucking years after Cortana became public enemy number one. You cannot tell me Chief, the guy who risked his life countless times to save humanity, is still sad over AI Lady who is trying to enslave the entire fucking galaxy by force, for the past 3 years in universe?
  7. Nope, they were talking about the new Store beta. MCC Flighting is only confirmed to kick off this month.
  8. Also, why the fuck, out of all the god damn Assault Rifle designs, are they using the Reach model? Mother fucker thats like one of the few designs in Reach people aren't super fond of.
  9. When you know you are closing the Xbox show, so you don't show gameplay so you can't alienate half your fanbase again. 343 out here playing 4d chess while we still playing checkers.
  10. But on Xbox, Siege is still far more popular and has maintained its popularity more than Halo 5 did.
  11. Siege is my response to anyone that says Halo 5's population is low because of the competition, not that its a bad game. In that case, why is Siege, a game that released a month or two after Halo 5, still in the Top 5 most played games on all 3 platforms 4 years after its original release, when Halo 5 is sitting in the high 20's at its peak. Oh yeah, its because Halo 5 isn't popular because it wasn't good.
  12. CoD: WW2, Finally, back to boots on the ground, this is gonna be good! *Game is shit* BLOPS4, Finally, Treyarch, they always make good games, and they promised no lootbox exclusive weapons! *Game is shit, and has lootbox exclusive weapons* CoD MW, Finally, another Modern Warfare gane, this is going to be awesome! You get the idea.....

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