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  1. Nah it's got the benefit of 144hz and a FoV that doesn't make me watch to vomit the minute I touch it. At least the dodgy hit reg looks nice now.
  2. You aren't fucking disadvantage because everyone not in a vehicle (THE MAJORITY OF THE LOBBY) will be in the same situation as you. AND TOP MIDDLE IN VALHALLA IS LITERALLY A MAN CANNON AWAY
  3. Halo Infinite has been toted as being Microsoft headline game and poster child of the next generation of consoles. After the lukewarm reception of the past few games, MS must be pretty fucken confident in what they're seeing if they're happy to use it as the headline title. Hopefully the MP maps aesthetic is a lot more varied. That was hugely disappointing in Halo 5, especially when Mercy released and 343 demonstrated the ability to create unique looking aesthetics for maps.
  4. I can't help but look forward to this reveal tbh. It's Halo, it's always going to be a cool reveal to watch live.
  5. Look, if they rework sprint again to add it into Halo Infinite someone needs to give them a knock and say 'If you have to rework this shit three times in an effort to make it work, maybe it doesn't fucking work.'
  6. Yeah if you could not link to Halo Follower videos that'd be great. He's a twat. Also, all leaks, hints and rumours suggest that Xbox Live game studios reveal is on July 23rd.
  7. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/mcc-development-update-june-2020 Well worth the read if you're curious about Halo 3's hit reg. Goes real in depth as to what is causing the issue and why its a bit harder to fix.
  8. Halo 5 at launch functioned and I don't recall there ever been any hit reg issues. I think most of Halo 3's hit reg issues are to do with the shit BR velocty and the new 60hz tick rate servers. That video with the modded projectile velocity of the BR showed that increasing projectile speed made the hit reg significantly better, suggesting that its got something to do with the refresh rate of the server and the low projectile speed not working together well. The game just updates the players positioning and bullet positioning more often and slightly more accurately leading to the game seeing more missed shots, even though they appear to hit on the clients side.
  9. You really have to play Doom Eternal. They really, really improved weapon variety and how important it is to use the right tool and swap when needed. That game is easily my GoTY so far.
  10. Not exactly. All you achieved in HW2 was destroying the one ship they took with them to go to the Ark, meaning that the ones on the Ark were stranded and couldn't get free. The fight on the Ark is still currently ongoing. However, the Banished are a pretty large faction and its confirmed there are more of them in the galaxy, they aren't all on the Ark. So Infinite will be against the Banished, but they'll be new characters and leaders, unless Infinite takes us back to the Ark.
  11. Because the leader of the Banished managed to survive longer than one game, making him the biggest threat 343 have come up with so far. Also, the Banished's aesthetic is just cool. A fuck load more interesting than floaty forerunner shit and whatever 343's covenant art style was.
  12. Fuck it, I'm onboard the train.
  13. My bad posted a duplicate link. I mentioned you since that video looks to confirm my theory that hit reg is somewhat tied to the new tick rate, so the game more accurately can see on the server where player and bullets are, leading to more 'missed' shots compared to Halo 3.

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