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  1. Ogre2 does so much for the team than people realize even when he was on CLG. He didn't even do bad in that scrim so I don't see what you are seeing.
  2. Was anyone else watching the EG/nV scrims? The Rig SH game was pretty intense. @@Mikwen got camo in the last minute of the game to break control and then got a clutch overkill to save nest. I still think nV has a lot of potential and could hang with the top 3 after some more grinding.
  3. Not really being lazy, since some people miss streams. It's more of a highlight from a stream. But still, I see where you are coming from.
  4. I agree with what your saying, but I think that nV started off pretty badly but I (as well as many others) have noticed how much they have improved together.
  5. You really need to calm down. You act like your opinion is fact and treat people like shit for having a different opinion.
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