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  1. So guys, finally got around to buying this on my PS4. Have to say, I'm having a hard ass time finding an aim setting I'm comfortable with which I've never experienced before on a shooter. They recently added more options as well which makes it even more confusing. Don't think I'll mess with aim smoothness or aim assist window yet. Right now, I have it down to mapping jump to L1, using dual-zone, & 40-25 sens. Usually play on low-med settings on FPS's but I hear many people/pros change their sens for different characters & usually keep Genji/Tracer on a really high sens due to their playstyle. Any general advice? No scuf here, btw.
  2. Talk about alienating a portion of your fan base & new players right off the bat. So one of the most expensive games of all time to make: - Will be 30 FPS on consoles - Won't have dedicated servers on any platform - Doesn't have cross-save with PC - PC launch will be delayed until god knows when Cheers, Bungie. Sounds like you guys put a lot of thought into the PVP aspect.
  3. So.."."Destiny 2 PC version will launch late, still determining exact date" - better hope for cross-save then methinks. http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2017/05/18/pc-version-of-destiny-2-launching-after-console-release.aspx
  4. That was for the 30 FPS on consoles bit more than anything. He said this a couple minutes later https://twitter.com/drlupoontwitch/status/865269212343746560 But more importantly: http://wccftech.com/destiny-2-pc-launch-battle-net-new-pvp-mode-weapons-detailed-rumor/ "4k Resolution Support (3820×2160) Uncapped framerate Full mouse and keyboard support with custom key mapping Text chat Adjustable Field of View Detailed PC settings screen 21:9 monitor support"
  5. I mean, if it was 60 FPS on consoles I'm pretty sure they would've proudly announced that as it would've been a huge megaton. No better time to drop that info than when 450k people are glued to their screens watching your reveal for info, imo.
  6. Oh for sure, but my 2 year old laptop won't be able to play this sadly Good for PC players though obviously. Either way, going from playing every good competitive PVP shooter this gen in 60 FPS, to the 30 FPS in Destiny is just a totally different world now.
  7. The legend just quoted me Don't think I'll ever refresh this page
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