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  1. Seen a couple of games with delays this year already, Cyberpunk being the big one to stand out. Just wanting a good game really and (hopefully) a beta to test stuff out and try before buying.
  2. @Tomgi1I think you have more accounts than I've ever recorded wins in the Halo 3 MLG playlist on the 360.
  3. I wanna know what gets better ping to North Europe servers, me in the UK or the Mars Curiosity Rover.
  4. This might be just a me issue playing in Europe but does everyone get OTT tryhards who start getting shitty when you losing in AR starts team slayer on maps like Cold Storage and Countdown in social? Just me? Christ it's getting boring.
  5. The last 10 pages had a better story than Halo 5. Cheers everyone.
  6. Yeah to be fair when I get done by B 2the rute and OMG iTz Jackal by the needler in the campaign I do feel outplayed. They'd be good with the Suddoths.
  7. It's not like most games had a instant few shot kill gun in the needler on half the enemies in every level.
  8. Bit late but for ranking system best thing I felt was the Halo 3 system from like mid to late 2008 onwards? Where it showed a playlist rank earned via XP and the ranked modes had their 1-50 system as well as the exp earned from the mode too. Was cool to have two different systems like that personally.
  9. For something that is meant to be the face of the next gen console releases it really isnt good.
  10. Stop telling us what games you want us to make! We make games for OUR entertainment!
  11. COVID as a reason would make some kind of sense at least...
  12. You telling me right now, a game thats apparently had a few years of development was delayed by a civil rights/political movement? What department do you work for them?
  13. What is it you are hype !bout exactly?
  14. Watching it back it didnt really give me anything again.. that isnt good. At all.
  15. Hey guys just got off my shift from work hows Halo without sprint and 12000 fos graphics looking?
  16. This Superbowl and Snowbound have one thing in common. Dogshit.
  17. Evening. I've got the worst flu, just woke back up with a coughing fit from a nap that was meant to coincide with the start of the event. I'm about 7 hours late but fuck it hey guys.
  18. Social EXP and progression was a nice little feature to add really. I think H3s overall rank system was pretty nice, your overall rank, playlists ranks and EXP ranks across playlists.
  19. First game of MCC in probably two years (reinstalled it to get behind the UGC hype), try out LW, why not could be fun. Jimgo just slaps me on anvil. Nice.
  20. The SUDD twins are serious competition how dare you try and debate this!

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