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  1. This Superbowl and Snowbound have one thing in common. Dogshit.
  2. Evening. I've got the worst flu, just woke back up with a coughing fit from a nap that was meant to coincide with the start of the event. I'm about 7 hours late but fuck it hey guys.
  3. Social EXP and progression was a nice little feature to add really. I think H3s overall rank system was pretty nice, your overall rank, playlists ranks and EXP ranks across playlists.
  4. First game of MCC in probably two years (reinstalled it to get behind the UGC hype), try out LW, why not could be fun. Jimgo just slaps me on anvil. Nice.
  5. The SUDD twins are serious competition how dare you try and debate this!
  6. Daytona 2015. Thats only if we consider LAN, 4th was his closest at HWC 2017.
  7. There's just a Dexerto styled quote with NavG123s display picture and him quotes. Scenes.
  8. Not sure if this is a bait at all, but some of the EU Cod pros been tweeting and that about a shake up, Bance just dropped this though. https://twitter.com/Bance/status/971919421232082944
  9. If this means Naded on Carbon one last time to not win an event then I'm game.

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