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  1. Holy shit I don't know who I want to win just to see the meltdown for the losing side.
  2. If they wanna keep Bazaar as a map, I reckon the only way they save it is to possibly have it as a map for Neutral Assault. That’s the only way I see the map working as a comp one.
  3. CoD has been on a massive decline for viewership in recent years to be honest, I mean viewership for some of the majors in Cold War were barely scraping over 50k, so for a online pro points tournament to have 65k/70k with the YouTube stream is a fucking unreal start. The game isn’t perfect by a long shot but it’s a definite starting point.
  4. If Halo needed an advert for the esports side of things that was is. What a series. I haven’t missed these 5am finishes though.
  5. Cloud 9 looking exactly as expected, sheesh. Nice of them to shut the stream off so eUnited don't look THAT bad.
  6. NA side starts in a couple of hours I believe broadcasting starts either 5 or 6 EST?
  7. Most of them is done now I believe, bracket continues tomorrow with an actual stream? As well as player streams.
  8. NA has been good fun so far. But throw some love to CoD guys coming to Halo in EU, Nolson/Defrag/Dqvee/Josh are T6 winners side in their first Halo event.
  9. Just throwing it out there that Sea of Thieves getting Disney on board with Pirates of the Caribbean is still my E3 highlight. Halo hype slightly there but doesn’t too that
  10. Multiplayer reveal was a bit better. Tongue in cheek for now but I feel a bit more optimistic after that.
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