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  1. My understanding is that Spartan is a big baby who can't handle teabagging.
  2. Correct, I'm not going to argue with someone who argues from the position of "my opinion is right, the rest of you are obviously stupid for not sharing my opinion." Take away your condescension and maybe, JUST maybe, people would be willing to debate with you on the topic. There are others conveying differing opinions without the asshole tone that you always have. Thank you for reinforcing my point, by the way. You couldn't have responded any more perfectly.
  3. It's not people being defensive, it's people responding to your pretentious attitude about something that's entirely subjective.
  4. Agreed. It's very... jarring for me to watch Halo and console shooters in general after having switched over to PC. The stiff aiming movements, the noticeable auto-aim. I understand people want the legacy to stay with console, but I honestly believe if Halo 6 is going to grow, PC needs to be a focal point.
  5. Give me break. I'd love to see you try to keep your composure in that situation with that much money on the line in a crucial moment of a game 7. They lost all momentum on a snowbally gametype. They've got every right to be upset.
  6. He tweeted that on the 11th, most likely from Penguin's place.
  7. I never thought Butters was bad until I started watching the Overwatch league more. Those guys really shine a light on the difference between good casters and bad ones. Butters seems to overhype and tends to ramble on, and it can be a little jarring. He's got potential though.
  8. Shroud is on there twice, as well, so he already is top 10. Looks like that is the same ESL CS:GO channel, too.
  9. People lie and make shit up all the time for attention. It's really not that far fetched to think it was a stunt designed to bring more attention to his character. That said, I do believe he did the deed and is just using it as best he can. Regardless, what a pointless discussion and I shouldn't have put my cents in.
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