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  1. Anyone else in EU really struggling to get games of H2C? I feel like I've been relegated to H3 purely because of absurd queue times
  2. Yeh, from an objective standpoint I have to agree with you there on lockout, everyone knows that at some point the map just becomes one big stand off between BR and snipe tower with the best possible situation being that the team over at BR tower can 'steal' snipe. I suppose oddball mitigates the problem of that map to an extent but yeh it's definitely one of those things where as time goes on and the maps get, generally speaking, progressively worse (along with the games imo) that we look back to something like lockout or sanc as sacred gems regardless of their flaws because what came after in later games was just really that much worse. That being said I do still enjoy those maps a lot. I guess I just have a soft spot for Halo 2 :p
  3. @@BigShow36 You've definitely hit on an important topic here; the dumbing down of halo's teamwork/strategy into simple teamshooting. Out of interest, what are some of the maps, particularly outside of CE, that you think play well/have good qualities?
  4. Yeh the Halo 2 glitch where you receive losses for the other team quitting the game is infuriating. It mainly happens in doubles and often too because generally speaking most people on the game have far less experience on Halo 2 and its also a much more punishing game (bigger skill gap) so people start getting raped and just quit, like every damn time! Essentially, if your a Halo 2 player you get punished for being good haha
  5. There is also this, being made separate to Installation 01. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mp2YCfEvRSg
  6. Looking awesome so far, seems like they need to clean/smoothen up the movement and shooting still though after watching that. But high hopes for this project and others like it. 343i have basically turned me away from Halo, and subsequently from console gaming in general. Now I play on PC but oh man do I still love the old Halo's! SERIOUSLY hope this turns out well and flourishes!
  7. It certainly creased a tear or two those old MLG events were so awesome!
  8. This is an amazing idea! I don't know why this hasn't been done/attempted already, there's clearly a gap in the market for this kind of thing, like with diabotical for the Quake players, an old school Halo style indie game would surely receive tons of support given the amount of people unhappy with the new direction...
  9. Thank you so much for including a Halo 2 FFA. The game has changed so much over the years that it's hard for a lot of us to stay invested and put time into Halo 5 but throwing some Halo 2 in the mix should really please a lot of people. Means a lot!
  10. I think it's possible. Just need enough people to want this kind of thing and then make it known that they really do. If Quake Live can still harbour a few decent community driven tournaments/ladders for their competitive scene, then I'm sure we can pull something together, even if it's very minor. All it takes is enough people, who really want it to happen, to come together and make it happen! I certainly do and don't know why this hasn't been a more regular concern. I mean if people honestly just don't care then fair enough, but I get the feeling that a decent amount of people do want this and if that's the case then it's only down to complacency in the community that this hasn't happened yet - and if that is the case, then yes, we will be left behind in the dirt along with our beloved Halo games. Edit: Of course I do understand that it took a very long time for MCC to reach at least a somewhat functional stage so I know there's nothing anyone could of done about that.
  11. I've noticed that there's a tournaments/ladders section on this website and was thinking that it would be amazing to see some classic Halo tournaments or some ladders hosted by Beyond using MCC. I know that the game can still be pretty broken sometimes but I think that it works well enough now (at least from my experience) to be used in this manner. Ladders could be free and tournaments could dish out small prizes funded by community donations. I'm not ready to accept Halo 5 as the only "halo" with any kind of competition. All three games in the original trilogy are above and beyond the competitive experience that Halo 5 can offer and even with insignificant prizes, or even with no prizes, some consistent classic Halo tournies/ladders would, if nothing else, just be a massive amount of fun.
  12. Been playing the closed beta of the new DooM game and tbh I think that as long as there is good depth to the level of customizability in private matches/custom games then it could well be a very solid competitive fps, at least for the console anyway. There's just a few things that need to be removed/tweaked for competitive play.
  13. Yes it is. Sometimes I can get games quite quickly and other times it's pretty painful.
  14. The MLG 1v1 settings on Halo 2 used radar with the map being Warlock.
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