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  1. UT4 is in Alpha right now, hopefully this year but you never know with early builds. It looks a lot closer to UT99 than ut2004 (which I still play) but yeah I'm hoping for a UT this year.
  2. Just got done watching the VOD of the finals... WOW what a Bo7! I'm so glad the product is that crisp and the competition/storyline is so strong right now. I love it! Congrats to EG for clutching up and coming back from 3-2 down. Commonly really showed out, Snipedown played like he was angry at his chair, and CLG couldn't close it out. Overall an amazing series, I'm so excited for regionals
  3. I am impressed with RNG overall, I just think the little mistakes are adding up over time. They have still played better than I thought they would against CLG. CLG is clutching up when they need to though.
  4. I see an ALG vs. CLG finals. The teamwork of ALG and CLG seems to be the strongest of the 4 remaining teams (though obviously EG has strong teamwork as well). I loved the fire that Naded and co. brought to the stage. It will be interesting to see if that fire can carry them past CLG, who I think has to be the clear favorite after the past two days. I'm just so happy to see quality halo that is fun to watch again. I want to also say that the casting has been great, and there hasn't been a period in-between games where I'm bored because they are using cheap filler. Overall a great 2 days, ready for more halo.
  5. I'm so hype for these games today. EG vs CLG is going to be insane. CLG is hyper aggressive with the added lazer focu$ of Lethul. Renegades looked really good yesterday, and I think allegiance is going to make some noise today as well. HALO HALO HALO WOO
  6. Overall the results yesterday from a halo standpoint were what I expected. From a spectator standpoint, I was happy with the product. Good insight, it was all very smooth, and I liked many of the videos they had. Only downside was that they didn't show scoreboards a lot of the time, which limited me somewhat in getting a feel for how individual players were doing. I think that is easily fixable though. Great viewership numbers for a Thursday as well. I think this is the start of something good!
  7. someone in chat said Elamite sounds like Kermit the Frog, I'm crying
  8. I almost felt sorry for PENTA when they panned over to them, they looked exhausted and nervous.
  9. Game of the Year 2015: Life is Strange. - Great storyline, one of the few games that had me emotionally invested in the characters. Secondly, the music in the game was some of the best I've heard (Foals FTW) Most Anticipated 2016: Unreal Tournament and Uncharted 4
  10. Please do get back into it! Go Pro quality is about average, maybe slightly above average, though its much better than most phone microphones. One thing you have an advantage being a caster is a behind-the-scenes look at the pros at events and the in depth knowledge to break down teams from spectating so many great matches. A couple of ideas: 1. weekly breakdown or highlight reel of your favorite matches that you got to watch. 2. Power Rankings video of the teams (this could be weekly or bi-weekly, or before/after tournaments) 3. Vlogs at tournaments (I love seeing the pros together at tournaments and getting that look at their mindset) 4. Casting a match through theater mode Finally, even if you rip from streams, I think this is a way to build multiple audiences. Sure, twitch by itself has a larger (and ever growing) audience, but Youtube at this time is more established and there is a chance to spread your net wider and reach a larger overall audience.
  11. CrayZ

    NBA Thread

    2 Major outliers... one due to the best 3 point duo (possibly) ever, and Atlanta. I can say that it is a positive that 60% of their 3's are open, that shows they know how to space the floor and look for the open man to a degree far above others. However, only 34% on those shots is just ugh.
  12. No matter what the opinion about HecZ and his thoughts are, you can't deny that he has re-ignited the community in terms of supporting itself. I mean just in the past 3 days I have seen more content/hype/breakdowns than I have seen in the past 6 months. What it shows (to me) is that this community just needed a little kick in the tail to get moving and producing. I think there are not only great players and personalities here, but a lot of savvy content creators that just lost motivation/hope. Someone mentioned a few pages back about scheduling videos. This is something that can save these pros a lot of time. If they want to do breakdowns like Ryanoob did (GJ Ryan btw, great videos), they can schedule 1 a day and that way spend 30-40 minutes at one time after scrims and create 3-4 days of content! Secondly, there is a LOT of new talent out (this coming from a guy who hasn't kept up in Halo 5). I'd like to get to know many of these new players and get familiarized with them as X-Games begins and Regionals approach. There is an opportunity here to rebuild and refresh this community that I didn't see happening until "The Decision." Finally.... this is my first post so hello to all and I'd just like to say keep up the good work here at Team Beyond, y'all are the only reason i'm even invested in Halo at this point.
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