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  1. Good fucking lord, I can't believe I leave for like 2 years and its just the same nonsense as the H5:G thread. Scrubs. At least the site looks better.
  2. First, are you still working in the game industry or trying to? Second, you think you would learn after the first couple of things that happened to you that you no longer are anonymous on the internet and no matter how much you act and smile during interviews in the gaming industry, you end up looking like a guy who thinks way too highly of himself through posts like this one. That's how you come off, not how you probably are. It's not hard to assign a face to an avatar these days, and a post like this doesn't come off like confidence, but sheer arrogance. Regardless of your point. To be fair, that is exactly what everyone here is. A bunch of armchair devs with some having some game or engine experience and nothing more. I would hedge that most here lack virtually all qualifications or experience required to get into game design. And yes, we do not truly know what is going on at 343. Most guesses are at best, speculation and at worst, total nonsense. I personally would rather err on the side of caution when it comes to forming conclusions about what is going on over there.
  3. Depends on the frequency and effectiveness of the weapons and power ups on map I feel. Maybe something like power weapon cycles could work where every minute a couple tier 2s spawn somewhere on map along with a weaker powerup like base OS. Then every 2 to 3 mins you get Rocket/Snipe/double OS or something.
  4. Having people that contradict or challenge the status quo is good for any business. Whether or not certain ideas ended up being good or bad for Halo is more a product of what Halo has become over the years rather than a byproduct of a dogmatic adherence to made up principles of Halo game design.
  5. Josh Holmes new project is Scavengers, meant to be a spiritual successor to Warzone. https://www.polygon.com/platform/amp/2018/3/13/17111120/scavengers-midwinter-halo-5-warzone-josh-holmes-spatialos-improbable Tbh I'm happy for the guy. Feature-crawl games like Halo are a horrible place to try this kind of scale and we saw it firsthand with how meh Warzone felt in the long run. Also, he hints again at what others here have been saying for awhile... Pipelines and Management seem to be the Achilles heel of 343i, let alone most of Triple A companies.
  6. I feel like my Spartan is always holding a turd between his cheeks when he's walking around. I feel like my Spartan should be able to fly because he's actually half-avian so it makes sense. I feel as if four-legged horse people should be allowed to become Spartans since they can clamber twice as fast (4 legs duh). I feel as if Halo's lore is actually centered around the story and identity issues associated with "Car", who was inappropriately named "Warthog" by the UNSC fascists. I feel...
  7. Jesus, are those the melee hitboxes on NHE or on Xlan?
  8. Doesn't serve any purpose to slap Halo 3 Throwback at 6th place in terms of popularity considering it has had one data point to determine it's average placing.
  9. I'll take a Halo CCG. Would take more thought than any iteration outside of CE.
  10. Wrap it up lads, we've done it. I got laid once and I'm sure I'm a stud. These mind games are next level.
  11. You mean Bungie doing what Bungie does since CE? What a shocker.
  12. C'mon, surely you've found someone else to quote out-of-context lyrics and videos to. I miss you too.
  13. Get that profile pic out of here, I'm the only guy allowed to have an old dead white guy as their pic. Do it or get sheriff'ed. Also, welcome to the shitshow. Enjoy your stay and may your posts be ever shitty.
  14. Good on the guys carrying the torch and calling people out on their bullshit. Keep up the good fight. Love, Dev. No.
  15. Damage falloff (and for that matter damage numbers) should absolutely be considered for H6 if we're going to keep using laser-accurate precision weapons. Example of Damage Falloff at work (spitball idea, numbers can change and increments): Green damage := 75% of regular weapon damage ; this is the cross-map damage you would see on open BTB maps. All weapons with zooms > than the magnum have this by default. Yellow damage := The Magnum does yellow damage no matter what distance you're shooting from, which is great considering it's short RRR. This is where most weapons will see their use and will be defined particularly for what class that weapon will fall into. Red Damage := Power Weapon damage and the damage of weapons that do not need range restrictions (like the grenade launcher). This system could alleviate the balance issues present with overlapping weapons and allow for distinct roles to exist without compromising the enjoyment of a weapon due to random spread, shitty projectiles, etc.
  16. Einstein never would have said that, especially with all of the weird experimental stuff surrounding the issue with particle-wave duality of light at the time. Here's a quote that is properly attributed to the right person:
  17. Honestly, I would say the worst mechanic I've dealt with in multiplayer games is chance-based mechanics. The best example I can draw is the notion of crit chance. An ability doing consistent damage but then sometimes doing 100% more damage entirely based on chance is something that cannot inherently be balanced around. It's a double-edged sword though, because chance-based mechanics are intrinsically fun when they work in your favor and not fun when they don't. Anything based off of the notion of chance is bad for multiplayer gaming imo. Leave that to gambling.
  18. Another prime example of the scrubiness of the Beyond community. You guys need to git gud with all parts of your body. How else are you going to play future shooter 20xx without using your chin? Fucking scrubs. /s if you couldn't tell somehow. Boyo2020.
  19. Oh people returning isn't the issue, it's how many of them stay and for how long. My opinion is that we would see a boost for a month or two till the nostalgia of a H3 game wears off then we're back to where things are currently. There's fundamentally better games out there (and alot more of them) than H3 ever was.
  20. Bit of a strech to draw this comparison man.
  21. Wait, so we should mash a button to sprint? Shit... With some of the complaints I've seen here about needing to claw or get paddles to play this game, I'm pretty sure peoples' thumbs would implode if this happened.
  22. When you can't properly define what portion of the playerbase the "average kill time" is aimed to be for.
  23. Personal preference, but projectile weapons where I can't see the projectile unless it hits a wall or something are super unsatisfying to shoot. Quake-style Rocket Launcher >>>>>>>>> CE Pistol on that regard alone. and I'm not imagining that they will make everything look like the battlefield sniper either. For reference to what I'm talking about, Is this even possible for a Halo weapon or will it be too obnoxious all of the time, O' great salty one?
  24. Your attention is almost exclusively focused on the gameplay or competitiveness of the casual games in question when it's the furthest metric from determining the truth of what casuals enjoy. The casual community has shown, predictably, more emphasis on certain game traits that they like, but it is in the form of secondary characteristics such as probably the two most important in terms of my argument: 1) Personalization of gameplay. and 2) Personalization of avatar/character. Halo is absolutely incompatible by design with the former and has yet to see a proper utilization of the latter. I don't really want to spend long discussing this, but personalization of gameplay led to Halo 4, which took back on the core tenants of Halo design in order to allow players to play how they want to play. Needless to say, it was a half-assed effort in terms of keeping some semblance to the old and didn't do enough to make players feel like they had much choice in playing the game how they wanted to play it. Personalization of character is something that this franchise would benefit immensely from, but has been implemented poorly in every single iteration of Halo (including Reach, credit grinding was not fun or engaging). To compound this problem, the team nature (all spartans are blue or red) of the game and the "blank-slate" character design of military spartan man X doesn't help people relate to their personalized characters in any way. Overwatch is extremely successful because it merged these 2 premises together. CS:GO also has a large aspect of it's game designed around these two characteristics, albeit the personalization of character is masked behind grindy paywalls. I'll throw this in as a bonus metric to consider, probably the third most important asset to making a casual friendly game is giving them certain tools within the game to learn and grow as a player. Halo has been remarkably awful at this for the entirety of it's existence as a franchise. A rank next to your name doesn't mean anything if you have no idea not only what seperates you from the guy above you in rank but also how to get there. You could say this is an issue within the community, but neither 343 nor Bungie have ever addressed or tried to bridge the massive divide in core gameplay between the campaign, general multiplayer, and competitive multiplayer. Oddly enough, you could say that H5 tried to emphasize this with the whole team aspect in the campaign, but it was done incredibly poorly and virtually no gameplay scenarios were designed to give a casual player anything they could use in multiplayer effectively. I'll finish this post by stating that people that legitimately feel that a proper sequel to Halo 3 or "Classic Halo" will return everything to how it was are sorely mistaken and should really try to do some research on just how much of a difference there is between back when Halo 3 was top of Xbox 360 player charts and gaming a decade later.

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