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  1. The charge is really just the bunny hop before the spring jump. It's pretty straight forward to do and when someone gets quick with it, you do save time on the route. I personally like rewarding players with faster actions via small skill tests like that. Reminds me of the Gears reload timing stuff. After enough time it becomes second nature and it provides a tangible thing to practice and improve on. But yes, this is all contingent on not all jumps requiring clamber inherently.
  2. I will only dislike clamber if spring jumping isn't in the game. H5 you could circumvent almost any clamber with really good use of spring jumps/crouch jumps. (This never applied to the alien architecture like on Midship... Stupid invisible clamber ledges) What bothers me more is a feature I saw called " Auto step jump" which is (as far as my understanding goes) a way to hit a perfect height jump for smaller ledges (no vertical overshoot). If it ends up being too efficient, turning it off would be a downside and make moving across the map in particular areas slower for players that want full control. That worries me unless the input is not stupid (like a 1 frame jump tap). Also, unrelated but, thrust is an equipment.
  3. The Academy was something that I wish Halo had for the longest time. If they find a way to actually nurture a growth towards ranked play by teaching people about how to play Halo... That would be huge for the comp community. That's if they do it right. Fingers crossed. Also this game sucks... I can't sprint thrust-slide ground pound across the map anymore. Only grapple. Immersion ruined. :P
  4. Good fucking lord, I can't believe I leave for like 2 years and its just the same nonsense as the H5:G thread. Scrubs. At least the site looks better.
  5. First, are you still working in the game industry or trying to? Second, you think you would learn after the first couple of things that happened to you that you no longer are anonymous on the internet and no matter how much you act and smile during interviews in the gaming industry, you end up looking like a guy who thinks way too highly of himself through posts like this one. That's how you come off, not how you probably are. It's not hard to assign a face to an avatar these days, and a post like this doesn't come off like confidence, but sheer arrogance. Regardless of your point. To be fair, that is exactly what everyone here is. A bunch of armchair devs with some having some game or engine experience and nothing more. I would hedge that most here lack virtually all qualifications or experience required to get into game design. And yes, we do not truly know what is going on at 343. Most guesses are at best, speculation and at worst, total nonsense. I personally would rather err on the side of caution when it comes to forming conclusions about what is going on over there.
  6. Depends on the frequency and effectiveness of the weapons and power ups on map I feel. Maybe something like power weapon cycles could work where every minute a couple tier 2s spawn somewhere on map along with a weaker powerup like base OS. Then every 2 to 3 mins you get Rocket/Snipe/double OS or something.
  7. Having people that contradict or challenge the status quo is good for any business. Whether or not certain ideas ended up being good or bad for Halo is more a product of what Halo has become over the years rather than a byproduct of a dogmatic adherence to made up principles of Halo game design.
  8. Josh Holmes new project is Scavengers, meant to be a spiritual successor to Warzone. https://www.polygon.com/platform/amp/2018/3/13/17111120/scavengers-midwinter-halo-5-warzone-josh-holmes-spatialos-improbable Tbh I'm happy for the guy. Feature-crawl games like Halo are a horrible place to try this kind of scale and we saw it firsthand with how meh Warzone felt in the long run. Also, he hints again at what others here have been saying for awhile... Pipelines and Management seem to be the Achilles heel of 343i, let alone most of Triple A companies.
  9. I feel like my Spartan is always holding a turd between his cheeks when he's walking around. I feel like my Spartan should be able to fly because he's actually half-avian so it makes sense. I feel as if four-legged horse people should be allowed to become Spartans since they can clamber twice as fast (4 legs duh). I feel as if Halo's lore is actually centered around the story and identity issues associated with "Car", who was inappropriately named "Warthog" by the UNSC fascists. I feel...
  10. Jesus, are those the melee hitboxes on NHE or on Xlan?
  11. Doesn't serve any purpose to slap Halo 3 Throwback at 6th place in terms of popularity considering it has had one data point to determine it's average placing.
  12. I'll take a Halo CCG. Would take more thought than any iteration outside of CE.
  13. Wrap it up lads, we've done it. I got laid once and I'm sure I'm a stud. These mind games are next level.
  14. You mean Bungie doing what Bungie does since CE? What a shocker.
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