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  1. It's one of the worst things about the CoD scene. Plus, some fans yelled out 'behind you' in one of their SnD matches during pool play, led to Formal getting the kill & winning the round iirc, & there was another call out earlier. No soundproof booths obviously.


    Oh, & during the middle of the winners bracket semi's in the nV match,broadcast just decided to switch in the middle of a game to the losers bracket Optic match. Think it was around for two minutes or so. Just stupid things like that that are irksome as a neutral.

    Just a few more reasons our scene is so much better

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  2. At the end of the day the production value of last event may have been trash, BUT THAT CAN BE FIXED. Lets all take a second and just be thankful that every event we have continues to be more entertaining than the last. The shrinking skill gap between these pros is setting us up for an AMAZING worlds.


    OT- xboxdvr.com/RVA%20Encore/4a19ded4-8249-4817-a8eb-616bd172f152/embed


    Just a little clip I got searching Arena yesterday

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  3. On topic: Love to see how strong LBX is looking in each scrim. His consistency in-game has never been an issue in my mind. Glad to see him putting in his all.


    Off topic: Old school MLG Halo 2 Semipro coLeK doing dirty things. @@Ace said it's the best Halo 5 montage he's seen so far!



    So refreshing to hear some rock music in a montage. Not the biggest EDM fan...


    Gameplay was top notch. Come a long way from his montage in h3 that starts with the weezy song. Thanks for the content!

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  4. Sub to my twitch for the chance to go to worlds

    Is there a single pro player out there on any other roster who would even consider teaming with you after all of this?


    ....oh wait. Maybe you should have thought of that before you continue to try and exploit every little loophole in the league.


    You may have found a way to a team this time, but I think its pretty fair to say you wont team with any current pros ever again.

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  5. First post from mobile, and i have accidentaly hit the add underneith twice already. Ok



    I don't think putting a team together to just beat clg is something teams should be doing. The Milwake bucks beat the warriors but they are still bottom of the eastern conference in the NBA. GREAT teams win all the games they are supposed to before the finals, then win the finals. We kind of saw this with denial, they got beat by lots of teams but always put up a fight against CLG.

    Idk man. I think you build to beat CLG... they havent lost a series since Xgames. If you can beat them you can beat anyone...this isnt the NBA

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