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  1. So u think having dominant teams just cruising through tourneys is better for views and a league as a whole than having a potential different winner every tournament?
  2. Upsets are good for the scene. You don't want 3or4 teams just dominating everyone, that leaves little parody in the league and ultimately less viewers. That's the difference between leagues like the NFL and NBA. In the NFL anyone can beat anyone any given Sunday, thus getting more viewers . In the NBA you can't be certain, but can deff have a good idea who will win before the game begins, thus less intrigue and viewers. Upsets are good
  3. Hey man. I'm a F/A but I would be down to run some games and try and find a to4 RVA Encore is my gt if interested
  4. Anyone know if I Will be able to catch a re-broadcast of the first few matches? Working in fine dining sucks
  5. If we can get enough people in the area we should really try and set something up
  6. Hey guys. Noticed this thread hasn't been used in a while. Currently live in Richmond,VA. Would be awesome to meet some local players to game with GT-RVA Encore
  7. F/a here who would be down to run some games and see how it goes if you two are okay with that. If so msg me on xbl RVA Encore
  8. Okay, I have been lurking for far too long now, and figured I might as well change that before XGAMES. Really excited to be back, and even more excited to see where Halo is going. Hurricane Lethul provided me with lots of entertainment during the snowstorm here in VA.

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