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  1. curious to see how many viewers we pull this weekend. hoping we are ahead of COD for the entire duration of the tournament :halo:
  2. soon to be rocket league world champion right here ladies and gentleman.
  3. thanks for the input guys. looks like im in the market for a new monitor today. hypee
  4. one. more. day. super stoked for this tournament. OT- Got paid today... do you guys think i would benefit more from picking up an elite controller or a new monitor? currently am playing on a small HDTV that is a few years old. thanks for any input
  5. im sure ill get -rep for saying this, but i dont think we have any right to get disappointed if the money is less than that. we have never seen a halo tourney that has a payout even close to 2million, now we will be disappointed if we dont have multiple tournaments with that kind of payout in the same year?
  6. i dont think they will retract from it either, but imagine if they did.... imagine the hype going into season 2 if everyone knew the next HWC would be for another million or 2.
  7. whats up guys, So i am not sure if anyone else has the problem the two of us are having, but we dont have anyone to play with really. we find it pretty easy to get to onyx l1700 or so, but from there we just keep matching teams of 4 and loosing back down to 1600s. all we are looking for are two players who would be down to team up with us and grind some arena/gamebattles and going from there. looking for players who want to grind and get better GT- RVA Encore GT-EExecutoR feel free to message either of us if u want to run some games. we just want people who are willing to grind responding to this post works too.
  8. i think there will be alot of pro teams that stop streaming for this week. Kampy must be loving it
  9. i will be messaging people back as soon as i get a chance
  10. yo man, add me. old tag was With Intentions. we used to play together. new tag is RVA Encore
  11. Have been working all day and just got a chance to see this thread. Super happy for flame and maniac. They have been halo pros through thick and thin, they at least deserve a spot in regionals
  12. Why do you give a shit about what a bunch of gamers on an internet forum think of you? Just curious Also never heard of you if u really are dying know know.
  13. I agree with him. I see both sides of it equally having formally been a college recruit and serious athelete before finding my competition fix in gaming. I just feel eSports needs it's own Xgames if you will. A all eSports biyearly event that gives medals away like an XGames but strictly for eSport accomplishment would be so dope to spectate
  14. yes deff atleast 10 so u can get a break in.. u know any locals who would be down?
  15. not sure if its still open but there was one if fredricksburg called sage mantis, we should try and get some players together and have a day lan there or something. its right inbetween us too if your in baltimore and im in richmond
  16. Are there any LAN centers up your way? I know there is one in Fredericksburg VA.
  17. I was thinking about this earlier. Would be so awesome to see everything from street fighter, to cod and halo, to LoL in one week-long event or something.
  18. Not insinuating anyone getting free wins. I just think it shows a healthier scene if it's not ever a "gimme" series, and there are upsets are sprinkled in.... the nfl needs the patriots and the nba needed the bulls. I get that

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