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  1. Captain Cratos reporting for duty sir I might be in the minority when i say this, but i want to see OpTic halo succeed. That org doing well can only help the scene
  2. THE KING HAS RETURNED Stoaked for the new OpTic squad Kappa
  3. summit1g saying on stream he thinks halo is much harder to learn than csgo.
  4. I know its not likely, but i would love to see the EG roster be Roy Snipedown APG Heinz i think both APG and Heinz played really well this weekend. i think that squad could do some serious work this is under the assumption LBX is done after this event
  5. im so torn. i would love to see naded win and have the chance to win the finals, but on the other hand, i really like the underdog. game 7 would be sick to see
  6. how long before teams start making roster changes? HWC is the gift that keeps giving. i love the rostermania cant wait for these last few series, i am getting HYPE
  7. yo if you're reading this and aren't already in SnakBite's stream, hop in and show him some love! this is probably the biggest stream hes had (atleast that i have seen) lets make it even bigger. hes got a really good thing going with his stream. very well done
  8. on now if anyone wants to play a bit. GT- RVA Encore back down to 1500 after loosing all morning with random teammates is the worst
  9. thanks for taking the time to do this guys. great read
  10. i stopped following for a little bit after Ace won the big bucks. what happened for you to say this? sorry I'm sure this was talked about for months i just wasnt around for a while
  11. Radar vs No Radar 4shot pistol vs 5shot pistol sprint vs no sprint bloom vs no bloom etc... all examples of how halo isnt dead. we all are passionate enough about this game to argue until we are blue in the face over this stuff. that is a great thing imo
  12. explain to me how not having radar would fix that? what kind of god-flank are you going to make and not be seen on Fathom?
  13. did u see how many flawless flanks happened this weekend? just sayin. with that being said, there is no way we can make everyone happy with settings, and we will all have our opinions, but at the end of the day we play the settings that the tournaments roll with. gotta learn to adapt a little. new game new tactics
  14. im not a fan of radar either to be honest, but if it is kept and everyone is playing with radar, how is it not competitive? its not like anyone is at an advantage or disadvantage if we all have a radar to use....its just a different style of gameplay, which yes i know, can be a little underwhelming to watch at times, but it doesnt make it less competitive
  15. i really dont understand why we feel the need to compare our scene to every other e-sport under the sun... WE ARE HALO We wont ever be able to compete with games that are literally free to play on computer, we wont even to be able to compete with COD because that is a multi-console game,so that means twice as many viewers, whereas we only have the xbox. This is the largest halo tournament in the ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE GAME and people still want to say Halo is dead. it honestly confuses the fuck out of me. The fact that we are even here, after the past two Halo releases (other than MCC) were complete trash is amazing to me. dont care what anyone else thinks, in my mind
  16. @@LethuL just gained even more haters. forreal though, congrats to Denial, they just outplayed nV today with everything on the line
  17. Ok, not ashamed to admit it.... i seriously slept on Contra. He is making some amazing plays this series. #Respect
  18. if nV doesnt make worlds there are going to be alot off pissed of people. I honestly cant imagine a tournament of this magnitude without the GOAT there... kind of blowing my mind right now
  19. if i couldnt hear my teammates before a game that would decide if i moved on in a tournament for 2.5 million dollars, you best fucking believe i would be refusing to play until the issue was fixed. that is a life-changing amount of money. and @@RyaNoob, why wouldnt you be confrontational? that is your lively-hood right there man. this is how you make a living... i would not have shied away from that
  20. Little less than a hour away! Day 2 should be super hype. Also, someone needs to tell Goofy to spend a little less time around Louis. Wanna talk about blatantly obvious? lmao
  21. i know this is far too early.... but the team changes that happen after worlds are going to make this thread explode. with that being said, today is make or break for a lot of teams. DAY 2 HYPE

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