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  1. been a while since I have been on this site... was very happy to see it is still somewhat active. the fact that this thread was made in 2018 and we are still waiting totally sucks to be honest.... but fingers crossed that they do this game the right way and give halo the resurgence it deserves.
  2. Bumping this thread to see if anyone in VA is active here. Live in Richmond. Xbl- RVA Encore
  3. I take great pride in knowing that if we have a game 5 in our game we will cheer for the winner. Regardless of who it is. That was kind of shitty to watch. They win and the whole crowd goes silent when they hoist the trophy.
  4. Game 7 2017 HCS World Finals and this happens.... xboxdvr.com/RVA%20Encore/4d1c5a44-8c84-4dd0-b0b6-dc98c95ab773/embed Full replay?
  5. At the end of the day the production value of last event may have been trash, BUT THAT CAN BE FIXED. Lets all take a second and just be thankful that every event we have continues to be more entertaining than the last. The shrinking skill gap between these pros is setting us up for an AMAZING worlds. OT- xboxdvr.com/RVA%20Encore/4a19ded4-8249-4817-a8eb-616bd172f152/embed Just a little clip I got searching Arena yesterday
  6. CS:GO LoL Heros of the storm And summit1G were all streaming at the same time Worlds we will hit over 40k [i hope]
  7. Couldnt agree more. I work at a music venue so i appreciate all music(where the gamertag came from) but rock music in a halo montage just feels right
  8. So refreshing to hear some rock music in a montage. Not the biggest EDM fan... Gameplay was top notch. Come a long way from his montage in h3 that starts with the weezy song. Thanks for the content!
  9. Is there a single pro player out there on any other roster who would even consider teaming with you after all of this? ....oh wait. Maybe you should have thought of that before you continue to try and exploit every little loophole in the league. You may have found a way to a team this time, but I think its pretty fair to say you wont team with any current pros ever again.
  10. I am begining to think that the age limit on HCS might be a good thing for Halo. And thats awful to say. These young kids need to be really carful... Make sure you read and understand everything before signing young bucks...
  11. The growth of this league continues to be crippled because these "professionals" are extremely unprofessional....that goes for the people running this league aswell. This isnt some childs play BS, there is some serious money on the line
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